Fit for the festivities with NH Hotels

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As the song goes ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. The Halloween decorations went up and down quicker than you can say ‘Happy Holidays’ and the recognisable signs that Christmas is being ushered in are stacking up. Still, there is more than a month left to plan how your time will be spent, and when that time comes we all know what that means; giving presents to family, friends and loved ones, catching up with people over a drink or two and, of course, indulging in a little bit too much good food. And where better to enjoy this good food then on a Winter getaway in a different city or, even more magical, in a different country. But for some, overindulgence doesn’t mean ditching the healthy routine, which is why NH Hotels is your perfect Christmas companion.

When you stay with us you don’t have to worry about eating that little bit more or enjoying that extra glass of bubbly with that extra slice of the cake. Why? Because our hotels have you in mind this Christmas and New Year and our gyms are on hand to help you work up a festive sweat.

They are packed with excellent fitness equipment by Technogym, from the latest cardio machines, multi-stations, free weights and adjustable benches, and wellness balls. Of course, not all hotels have the same list of equipment, but that certainly doesn’t mean that those who are craving a workout won’t be satisfied.

In addition, to the presence of Technogym, you’ll be pleased to find free areas in the gym where bodyweight workouts can be performed (even tougher after the extra Christmas calories),or even if it’s just for yoga or even post-routine stretching. We want to make sure you can follow your fitness plan with no obstacles in the way! We don’t stop there either, we take fitness seriously hence we offer all of you who dare complimentary workout essentials.

It’s not just the equipment that will motivate you, it’s the inviting environment you’ll step into that entices guests to come and train. Ambient music sets the mood, and a Philips TV is on hold for those wanting to distract the mind whilst the body does the work. In addition, our gym areas have minibars filled with isotonic drinks and water to keep you hydrated and refreshed, as well as newspapers for the more leisurely health fanatics. Forgot your towel? No stress, you’ll find complementary ones at your disposal in all of our gyms, so even if the aircon doesn’t help fight the sweat back, you can keep your brow as dry as possible.

Lastly, we are here to fit into the tightest of schedules, so that you don’t have to worry about rushing your routine. We offer flexible gym hours, which means if you’re in your hotel room and suddenly struck with a pang of gym guilt, throw on your sweats and go satisfy that itch. Of course, perhaps eating isn’t the only thing on your Winter getaway menu and you have list of sightseeing plans. We’re proud that our hotels are in the most convenient locations making it easier for our guests to immerse themselves the culture and still have time to exercise The location of our hotels allows you to travel all around the city with ease as they are found next to key attractions or the best transport connections. Just image, from gym to the Colosseum in no time.  

However, though we are talking about keeping overindulgence at bay, it’s essential that after a gym session, you’ll need to replenish your energy supply. Which is why our breakfast buffet is exactly what you need. We understand the importance of the healthy options, so a variety of fresh fruits, eggs as you want, just baked specialist breads, juices and more will be found, all the post workout essentials you could need.

See, there is no need to postpone your fitness habits when your festive mood is fully activated and we’re on hand to give you the best experience possible.

Even if you are on vacation, exercising even just for 30 minutes has great benefits, it improves your mood and relieves stress, keeps your heart healthy and improves that all important quality of sleep. At NH Hotels the care for our guests goes beyond the stay and so we offer facilities for those who wish to stay on top of their fitness routine… or simply for those who ate one too many treats during the festive season.  

Happy holidays! Find out more about our facilities here


Gastronomic tour in Europe

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Europe is full of diverse cultures, and, wherever you go, the experience is never the same; art, music, language, traditions… and also food. Gastronomy in Europe is steep in history and ripe with a whole variety of flavors that are unique to each country. And this is where we step in. Choosing us as your home from home gives you more than just a comfortable place to sleep, it gives you the opportunity to get to know your destination through its culinary delights.

The restaurants throughout our portfolio of NH Hotels offer menus that bring the most iconic of dishes to the comfort of the hotel, giving you the perfect excuse to have a night in, enjoy a last minute lunch, meet colleagues or simply to please your taste buds. Our menus also cater for many food requirements and intolerances, taking the worry out of wonderful eating.

Not sure where to begin your tour? Today, we highlight a selection of the NH Hotels restaurants that, with welcoming interiors, delicious dishes and fine wines, immerse you in the culinary world of Europe, one stay at a time.

NH Milano Touring – PianoTerra in Italy

Oh mamma mia, our first stop is Italy, probably one of the most famous cuisines in the world. It’s practically impossible to make a wrong culinary decision when in Italy, just ask the locals… or our guests. PianoTerra is our restaurant at NH Milano Touring and is also no exception to the aforementioned rule, where our chefs put their own take on popular Italian dishes that will put a smile on your face. What better way to kickstart the evening than with an aperitivo, so before dinner visit the restaurant’s bar and treat yourself with an Aperol Spritz or glass of local wine.

PianoTerra and its bar are an excellent choice if you’re catching up with friends or family or even if you’re with colleagues on business. Of course, it’s not only the food that impresses when in Italy, that’s why you’ll find a stylish interior in which to enjoy your meal. So, if you feel like a quiet night in, yet want a delicious menu to choose from, PianoTerra stays true to its Italian values and offers a tasty experience in the comfort of your hotel.

NH City Centre Amsterdam / The Patio

With so many attractions to see in Amsterdam it’s natural that after a day of visiting its beautiful canals, gardens and museums you might be in the mood to head back to our hotel and rest your feet for the evening. The Patio, is the ideal place to have a casual meeting with friends, colleagues or family. 

We have a variety of beverages serving from brewed coffee, special selected wines, cold beer and tasty cocktail just for you to enjoy in a relaxed and beautiful decorated area. If you crave for food we serve delicious light dishes for a quick bite. The Patio is a great solution if you want just to sit and relax after your sightseeing or even a debrief with workmates after a meeting. It offers everything that a restaurant offers but in a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere. 

NH Nacional – Tablafina in Spain

Hola! Spain, a country that offers an extensive variety of regional dishes, with different tastes for all to try. Whether you are in Asturias, Murcia, Catalunya, or Andalusia you are going to try different and unique flavors.

In Madrid, NH Nacional and Tablafina restaurant are found just next to the beautiful Retiro Park and Museo del Prado, perfect for a relax after sightseeing. With its light and spacious interior design and the classic Spanish dishes provided by our chef Jesualdo Bermejo, Tablafina will immerse you in the culture of Spain. Here, tapas and street food are served up in new ways (the ‘bocadillo de calamares’ is a must-try).

In addition, our special selection of wines from sommelier David Robledo ensures that your food will be accompanied with the best of tipples. If you’re staying with us or passing by during a day of cultural exploration, we invite you to join us at Tablafina for a tasty experience.

NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport / The Greenhouse

You’ve already visited the Anne Frank Museum, the Jordaan neighbourhood and the Royal Palace in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands? But you’re looking for that one last bite of Dutch culture even when at the airport? Then it’s time to indulge in its cuisine. Do just that at the Greenhouse Restaurant found in our NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. As the name implies, it is indeed a greenhouse, one in a typical Dutch style to be exact but with a modern twist.

The glassed roof and walls, along with the Dutch flowers and vegetables create a unique atmosphere, one that is quite distinct within the NH Hotels restaurant portfolio. The overall design creates a breathtaking, casual and cosy atmosphere to enjoy the gastronomy of our cuisine, perfect for those looking to relax just before a flight. The chefs are on hand to cook up exquisite global delicacies, and because our dishes are prepared using seasonal home grown vegetables, you’ll find only the freshest of ingredients on the menu.

by @kayohjayjay

And of course, a great dish deserves a great follow up, thus for the sweet toothed among you we have delicious desserts that will leave you satisfied. Lastly the great thing about The Greenhouse in NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, is that it has an ambience suited for both casual and formal dining, perfect for those staying with us before moving on to their next Dutch destination or between flights, and also for those looking for a place to host a business meeting that has that little something special.

Now these are just a taster of the fine restaurants you will encounter through NH Hotels that you will find in the best countries and in the top destinations throughout Europe. We want you to experience your destination of choice through the menus we provide, or at least put a twist on your favorite dish to make you as comfortable as possible.

Like we said, this list is merely an appetiser of the what you can expect when staying with us. But we have plenty more restaurants in many more locations across Europe: Nice, Amsterdam, Florence,  Luxembourg… the list goes on. Find out more about our hotels and their restaurants, here.  

Perfect NH Hotels for fall getaways

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Every year we wait for summer with patience, preparing our holidays and planning the essential list of must dos: what to see, how to get to there, booking tours and tickets and where to eat. But when Summer is over and the season pass on the baton, we assume the worst and let the change in weather get the better of us.However, Fall is much more than grey skies and shorter days, it’s a season during which cultural cities are yours for the taking and during which long queues for museums are less foreboding. A period in which to admire landmarks and heritage sites without exaggerated crowds. In addition, depending on where you spend your Fall getaway, you’ll find milder weather that makes exploring the city a pleasant stroll rather than a sweltering endeavour.

But where to go? Today, we take inspiration from our portfolio of NH Hotels, positioned in the best locations in the world’s most desired destinations. So, with this in mind, let’s see where you’ll be going on your Fall getaway.

NH Plaza de Armas in Seville, Spain.

To start off, we’re heading to Seville, where our hotel, NH Plaza de Armas, is found exactly where you want to be, in the heart of it all. This city is unarguably one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, boasting unique architecture and monuments that act as a window into a time past. It also happens to be a place where soaring Summer temperatures generally keep holiday makers at bay. That’s why it’s best to visit during Fall, when the cooler temperatures arrive, and the crowds of international tourism wanes. Thanks to this you can explore the picturesque cityscape without overwhelming numbers in the streets and the museums being jam packed. The winding medieval streets, decorative palaces, the historical city centre and other elements which make this Andalusian city remarkable will seem even more marvellous. There are plenty of not-to-be-missed sights, like the largest gothic church of the world, Giralda Tower and the breathtaking Plaza de España with its moorish architecture.Then of course, there is the Alcazar of Seville, a spectacular royal palace that was registered as a World heritage site in 1987 and one now a part of pop culture, most notably in Game of Thrones. Guess what? All the major attractions are in close distance from the NH Plaza de Armas so no need to worry straying too far away from the centre of the city.

Aside from the renown hotel standards of stay, NH Plaza de Armas has an inviting terrace for those of you looking for a new perspective. Another plus is that it’s perfect for leisure and business, thanks to the 5 meeting rooms it comes equipped with and  its location near the 1992 World Exposition Center. Interested to see what else this hotel has in store for you? Click here for more information.

NH Palazzo Moscova in Milan, Italy.

What’s the first thing that comes to your to mind when you think of Milan? Fashion? The Derby della Madonnina? The Duomo? The gastro experience? All of the above? Well, no wonder! Milan is a vibrant Italian city with a whole host of experiences to enjoy. Often considered as an industrial city, it has many iconic must-sees that prove why the beauty of this northern capital and its wealth of cultural heritage are crying out to be discovered by you.There is the Castello Sforzesco, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, Teatro alla Scala, the Navigli canals, the Duomo, the astonishing neighbourhood of Brera and more, not to mention the newest districts of the city, Porta Nuova, an epicentre of business and tech.

Hence, when you are looking for a location that offers both leisure and business, NH Palazzo Moscova is the ideal base that you’re looking for. It’s located close to the most sought after districts of the city, the financial area, and is just down the road from central station, undoubtedly a win win situation. In addition to this, if you want to relax after a day of wandering, make sure to check out the Spa and Wellness area of the hotel for ultimate tranquillity. What’s great about this hotel is that it offers a unique gastronomic experience at “Truffle Restaurant and Cocktail Bar” by Savini Tartufi. So, if you’re looking for a chic escape this October and November, where the choice between business and play is open, NH Palazzo Moscova is where you want to be. Book your stay now.

NH Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain.

We head back to Spain for our next recommendation and pass by the capital of Catalonia! Barcelona, where our many hotels dotted throughout its streets are ready to welcome you. It’s an energetic, cosmopolitan city, and home of one of the biggest football clubs in the world, FC Barcelona, as well as one of the most celebrated artists, Gaudi. October through to December is highly recommended as the period to enjoy the city, when the weather cools down considerably, humidity drops and generous blue skies are eager to please. You’ll have heard that Barcelona is one of the most visited destinations in the world, so you’ll be happy to know that during Fall people are getting to their normal routines. For this reason, the majority of the streets are filled by locals instead of tourists, and the city takes on a friendlier, more relaxed pace. The seaside city has numerous places to visit and you’ll need a centrally located hotel to have all at hand, which is where we step in.

NH Ramblas is the perfect place for all your needs. It’s located on one of the most famous streets in Spain, Las Ramblas, stretching 1.2km from city centre to sea front, and its idyllic location puts you within walking distance of all the top sights, such as Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral of Barcelona in the gothic quarter or the Placa de Catalunya. It’s a modern and sleek choice, with rooms boasting warm greys, a welcoming lounge area for informal meetings and, of course, our famed buffet breakfast. Whichever type of getaway you’re looking for, NH Barcelona Ramblas is there to help you explore this beautiful city from the best location.

NH Wien City in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna, the capital of Austria and city of music, is our next port of call. Fall sees cooler temperatures roll in, shades of green are exchanged for warming reds and oranges, and the nights becomes longer. Looking to for a touch of romance, then this is the city for you.

As well as being an idyllic time to enjoy the museums, the historic city centre, imperial palaces and concerts to satisfy your cultural pangs, the chilly atmosphere means cozy interiors and warming beverages are aplenty. Just like our hotel, NH Wien City, where you’ll feel right at home. Set on Mariahilferstrasse, Europe’s longest shopping street, its location is unbeatable. Within walking distance, you can enjoy the historic city centre with its beautiful gardens and baroque castle, attractions such as Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral), Hofburg Palace, the Vienna City´s Hall and many more, like the apartment which Mozart called home lived during his time in Vienna.

But, when sightseeing begins to take its toll and a well deserved relax is on the cards, head back to our hotel and treat yourself to some time out in our sauna and relaxation areas, the perfect way to end or start a beautiful day in Vienna. For more about your stay with us, click here NH Wien City,

NH Ciudad de Santiago in Santiago, Chile.

There are times when we ask ourselves, wouldn’t it be great to have a room with a view of the beautiful Andes? No? Well we often do and with great reason. That’s why we love NH Ciudad de Santiago, where the infamous mountain range is the backdrop to your holiday. Chile is located in the southern hemisphere where the seasons are reversed, thus during October and November the weather is mild, fresh shades of green greet you, and skies are clearer, meaning that the aforementioned mountain range is picture perfect.

The location of NH Ciudad de Santiago puts the main must-sees of this cosmopolitan Chilean capital within reach, whether by foot or public transport. Take a nice walk to Plaza de Armas, the historical centre surrounded by palm trees with prominent attractions such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Palacio de la Real Audiencia de Santiago. Certainly whilst here, tasting Chilean cuisine is a must and the restaurant of our hotel has a tasty menu of Chilean and international dishes. So, if you’re hungry but don’t feel like leaving the comfort of the hotel, we recommend the ‘charquicán’ a sort of pumpkin and potato stew. Even better, if you’re enjoying a night in your cozy room, why not make the charquicán come to you?  If you, like many of us, are looking for a Fall getaway then why not take a break in Santiago de Chile? Here’s more information about NH Ciudad de Santiago.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Fall getaway now and take advantage of the incredible locations that NH Hotels offers all guest. So, tell us, where will you be going this Fall?

NH Hotel Group top 5 guest experiences

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We really do have the most wonderful guests and we love it when they share their experiences with us. Thanks to the wonders of social media, we are able to take a peek at their time in our hotels, regardless of where they are in the world. Whether it’s a refreshing moment by the pool in Nice, the breathtaking views of Florence, a delicious breakfast you want to relish forever or simply a well deserved room service experience, we love to see what caught your eye when traveling with us. So much so that we decided to take a look back to all of your photos and find out what you loved the most. Here is the top 5:

Nothing beats our breakfast


You know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Well, we have thousands of pictures of our delicious breakfast that speak for themselves. Without a doubt, these are one of the most celebrated parts of the NH Hotel Group experience and we couldn’t be prouder. There is no better feeling than waking up to the promise of a buffet filled with delicious options to cater your every need. We strive to provide alternatives that meet different food intolerances and/or preferences, always using fresh and high-quality products. Even the little ones have a special corner where our young ambassadors, Nico & Hanna, greet them with appealing and fun breakfast. What better way to start the day?

Dive into our swimming pools


One of the front runners on this list. From those found indoors to those with the big blue above them, and used to enjoy a hot summer day or to relax after a day of work… our pools are well-loved by all of you. As a result, we have manage to collect a great selection of beautiful photos of refreshing moments.


We’ve seen that some of you take things to a whole new level and enjoy a expertly poured cocktail poolside. Now that’s the kind of combination we like to see. Make ours a mojito, too!

Tempting terraces and rooftops


Another celebrated part of our hotels are our terraces and rooftops. They are the perfect place to discover the city from above admire the sights and, of course, are perfect to capture outstanding photos. Whether it’s a quite snap or an influencer moment, you’ll find some of the best views with NH Hotels. A must-do… be sure to time it right for sunset. Incredible!

Amenities that always please


It is always a pleasure to make you feel like home, and this includes providing everything you need to have an enjoyable stay. That is where our Brilliant Basics, the great amenities supplied, come into play. From slippers, to robes, specially selected toiletries and more, these items are conceived to cover all your needs and truly create a fully-equipped urban basecamp of your room. And if our Brilliant Basics aren’t enough, then our cozy beds will definitely do the trick and will give you the the best rest.

Dialling in room service


Last but not least, next on the list is our room service. The perfect solution for a lazy morning, a private dinner, and every hungry moment in between. This option gives you the opportunity to taste our culinary offer from the comfort of your room, or even to open a bottle of bubbly to share a special moment. All of this and more is just a phone call away!

As you can see, we have a great collection of moments that you share over the years and we take joy in seeing the most beloved parts of the NH Experience through your eyes. So, whenever you stay with us again, don’t forget to show and tag us!

Green with NH Hotel Group

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If you worry about the environment, we are here to let you know that you are not alone! Aiming to take care of Mother Nature as much as possible is one of our top prioritise; it is a a way of living and a philosophy that we share it. We’re sure you’d agree that it’s quite hard to maintain this lifestyle when on the move, right? Well, just you relax. At NH we’ve got you covered!

Over the years we have been incorporating all manner of sustainable systems and policies to drive us to being one of the most environmentally conscious hotel chains in the world. As a result, our hotel facilities have been designed and structured with state-of-the-art technologies that help us and our guests reduce the impact the modern world leaves behind, and, in some cases, we even give back.

So, if you are wondering how we have accomplished that, the answer lies within our 6 main initiatives:

Minimizing water consumption

It is a known fact that water usage from humans and corporations is one of the main strains on the environment, so naturally it has been a pivotal issue we wanted to tackle. To avoid expending more H2O than necessary, we have installed operating systems in our swimming pools, taps, and showers that allow us to save water. At the same time, our irrigation systems allow us to treat and reuse water for other purposes, like gardening. That way we are able to care for our beloved greenery without the need of an extra source of water.

Reduction in energy consumption and use of renewable alternatives

The world of late has taken strides to engineer ever more efficient process to generate energy and by no means have we fallen behind! We’re proud to use highly efficient conditioning systems, that allow our clients to adjust room temperatures as they please without worrying about their power consumption, improved our windows with high-protection sunscreen and heat filters, replaced old-fashion bulbs for LED ones, and installed movement detectors for lighting… All these initiatives add to the energy generated by certified renewable sources that power our hotels in Europe. This means that a great part of the energy used comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal heat, which are all naturally replenished resources.

Ultimately, we decided to go a step further and incorporate #EarthHour into our activity calendar, during which our outdoor lights and the lights of some of the main communal spaces are switched off for 60 minutes. On this international day, many of our hotels join the global movement created by WWF, and organize many other initiatives in response climate change. For example, as a guest you could be invited to join to Candle Light events such as jazz concerts or dinner with low energy demand menus.

Waste Reduction

While this might be an unpleasant subject to picture, it is an extremely important one to consider when aiming to achieve our sustainable goals. In our case, we have a strong focus on improving the separation of the main types of waste, for example used oil. By recycling it, we are able to use it for biofuels and avoid harmful oily layers in water disposals. Another example of this our initiative Cork2Cork, which centers on cork bottle stoppers, which are recycled throughout different establishments and later reused for construction and refurbishable materials.

Biodiversity Protection

We aim to take care of all living beings, not just humans. In order to do so, we have taken on several initiatives, including locally targeted projects. Proof of these are our urban garden in hotels throughout Europe and America. These gardens allow staff to cultivate their own products but also care for beehives and beekeeping activities, particularly in Europe, where bees face a critical condition, which is crucial concern for us. Some hotels that house bees in a safe manner for them and our customers are the NH Berlin Alexanderplatz in Germany, NH Vienna City in Austria and NH Collection Barbizon Palace in The Netherlands.

Other initiatives using eco-friendly towels, free of harmful substances, and to integrate pieces of furniture and paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. In other words, we use sustainably-produced items to decorate many aspects of our interiors.

What is more, that our meeting areas are designed based on sustainability criteria: maximizing natural light, reducing use of paper, promoting new technologies, and guaranteeing the usage of products which have a low impact also, which leads us on to our next topic…

Carbon footprints

This is the main indicator for environmental impact, it refers to the amount of carbon dioxide or equivalents released into the atmosphere, due to any activity of a person or industry.To further minimize our carbon footprint and that of our guests, we increase energy efficiency by keeping the right ranges of temperature, avoiding unnecessary use of equipments and fuling our systems with renewable sources. We also offer electric bicycles, in which you can travel around the city in an environmentally friendly manner, as well as the opportunity to offset carbon emissions through carbon neutral events and meetings.

By now, you know a whole bunch about how we care for Mother Nature, but it is not all. If you are interested in continue to read about our initiatives, do not hesitate to visit our website and discover our selection of  ecological and sustainable hotels.We promise your most eco-friendly side will rest easy in our beds!

One destination, 4 different getaways

By NH | 13:12

Berlin, a capital city that is full of vibrant culture, innovative architecture, and fantastic food as well as a huge list of attractions. And in the place that has it all, there is a type of getaway to meet all tastes. Whether it be a romantic weekend away with your significant other, a get together with friends, or a hotel to host your next business trip, NH Hotels has the perfect place to accommodate your every need.

NH Berlin Potsdam Conference Center for the business traveler

Let’s talk business first. If you’re looking to have every need looked after when you next travel for work, our NH Berlin Potsdam Conference Center has you covered. Located in the historical city of Potsdam just on the outskirts of Berlin, and with transport links straight into the city center, NH Berlin Potsdam Conference Center is the best place for business travelers, hosting attendees or for your upcoming event. Offering 20 different function rooms with the biggest holding up to 250 people for larger scale events we have every type of occasion catered for.


Set in the countryside and surrounded by nature makes your business trip a stress free and seamless experience without the bustle of the city center, but with the accessibility and benefits that come with being so close to the capital. If it happens that you are hosting an event with us, we have dedicated event teams to look after your needs, along with advanced technology and fully equipped meeting rooms. If you’re pressed for time, enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine served at the restaurant or the views of the Teltow Canal from the terrace. But with Berlin a stone’s throw away, your trip doesn’t have to be just a business getaway… right?


NH Berlin Alexanderplatz for a romantic trip

Wanting to surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway?  NH Berlin Alexanderplatz is in the heart of the capital and offers a newly renovated haven to accommodate your stay. Located in a peaceful corner of the capital city called Friedrichshain, you will be waking up in a district popular with artists. With a park on the corner and handfuls of coffee shops and beer gardens on your doorstep you will never be short of things to get up to. The Vivantes Klinikum is just across the street as well as access to the Umweltforum and the Mercedes Benz arena. The open-air cinema is just a few meters away, just what you need for a  romantic date watching an old film.


Within the hotel, relax in our spa, where you and your partner can rejuvenate in the wellness showers or unwind in the sauna and feel your absolute best whilst staying with us. Along with a beautiful restaurant located on a terrace, we have an extensive cocktail menu and a selection of spirits in our cozy bar. Your stay will be made unforgettable through the quirky details of the hotel, such as the 50,000 bees kept on the roof which will produce the freshest honey for your breakfast. Touches like these is what makes NH Berlin Alexanderplatz the best choice for your romantic getaway and will make it a trip to remember.


NH Berlin Kurfurstendamm with friends

There’s no doubt that Berlin is the perfect place to go with your friends! Our hotel NH Berlin Kurfurstendamm is the ideal place to accommodate you and your friends’ every move.  Located in the old bohemian quarter of the town, the hotel is steps away from the city’s most popular shopping street as well as the biggest tourist attractions such as the Bahnhof Zoo, Charlottenburg Castle and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.


With a metro station 200 meters away, everything is accessible and Berlin is at your fingertips. In the heart of the city, restaurants, bars and clubs are everywhere to be seen, and a night out with your friends is a must! Within the hotel, wash away the night in our spa, ready to make you feel rejuvenated for another night on the tiles. Of course, this should be followed by one of our hearty breakfasts to leave you feeling truly refreshed. Look no further than our NH Berlin Kurfurstendamm hotel if you’re searching for an easy and fun getaway with your friends!


nhow Berlin, coolest cultural getaway

Now let’s talk about nhow Berlin. Though not part of our NH Hotels brand, we couldn’t talk about Berlin without mentioning this incredible, forward thinking hotel. It’s a place that’s sure to immerse you in culture and awake your senses. The ultra-trendy hotel is perfect for a cultural getaway where the arts, particularly music, take centre stage and it’s right in the heart of Berlin. Nestled on the River Spree, between the Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg districts, there are plenty of bars, café’s, shops and clubs within in walking distance.


Our nhow Berlin hotel will provide a memorable and unique experience with its astonishing design and quirky interiors created by New York designer Karim Rashid. Being the first hotel in Europe dedicated to music, it is only fitting that it has its own music studios and a recording booth, as well as keyboards and guitars available on the 24-hour room service menu. The futuristic style hotel also specializes in international cuisine and has a cocktail bar with breathtaking views of the river, the perfect remedy to a busy day in Berlin. At the nhow Berlin hotel you are bound to be immersed in the vibrant culture of Berlin and surrounded by the sound of music, if you’re looking for something a little different, give it a try!


So, what kind of getaway are you in the mood for? Whatever your pleasure, Berlin has it all… and then some!

Open the doors to NH Hotels

By NH | 13:40

Whether you´re here for a short stay or something a little longer, and whether for leisure or bleisure, a stay at NH Hotels will promise to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, all within the perfect location to enjoy everything key cities around the world have to offer.

The beginning of the experience

Start your stay with us at NH Hotels by checking in with one of our lovely teams at reception. Whether the morning, afternoon, evening or night you will be met by a relaxing atmosphere in one of our fantastic locations along with some light refreshments, an ideal pick me up after a long journey or a hard day at work. Enjoy the calm ambience of the lobby as your check in is fast and stress free.  With locations in big cities, there are always transport links easily available making your trip to and from the airport as smooth as possible.

One of the first things you’ll do is take a moment to explore your room. It will serve as a place of complete relaxation after a busy day in the city. Our spaces offer maximum comfort in order to give you a restful night’s sleep and allow you to wake up feeling your absolute best. Our ‘NH Sleep’ mattress will ease your muscles after a long day along with our hypoallergenic pillows to provide the perfect sleep. It’s also your best friend for when you need a siesta. What’s more is that a sleeping kit is available with everything from eye masks to a pillow spray to help you drift off with ease.

NH Hotels experience_room

So, you’ve just had the best night’s sleep and are ready to get your day going. With the view of the beautiful bustling city to wake up to, you will be excited for the day ahead of you. Plunging into one of our pools, whether indoor or outdoor, is an ideal way to wake you up in the morning and raise your energy levels for the day ahead. Before heading down to breakfast, step into our bathrooms, which offer just as much comfort as our beds; with a rain effect shower, professional standard hair dryer and plenty of amenities to nourish your skin and hair you are bound to look and feel your best.

Breakfast time

It’s time to eat! With an extensive selection of hot and cold treats at our breakfast buffet, you can enjoy a long and leisurely breakfast. With homemade traditional favourites and a range of local dishes there is a lot to choose from. Our breakfast buffets also cater for a range of dietary needs as well as healthier choices. With 13 kinds of bread, 5 types of milk as well as milk alternatives and gluten free options there is no need to stress as there is something for everyone.

NH Hotels experience_Breakfast buffet

Too comfortable to leave your room? Well, with room service available 24 hours a day, whether it be breakfast in bed or a late night dinner after a long day of travelling, we offer menus of the highest quality and freshest ingredients, making meals easy and convenient as well as unique and memorable. Also, why not spoil yourself with room service before bed? The perfect opportunity to get an early night and to feel rejuvenated before a packed day of exploring everything the city has to offer.

Time to explore the city

Anyway, back to your day. Feeling revitalized and relaxed, you are ready to explore everything the city has to offer. Let’s go! With travel guides available to plan your trip there is no need to worry if it is your first time visiting the city. As well as detailed information about the local attractions, you can rely on the ready-made lists of the must-see sights as well as recommendations of places to eat, shop and relax. Whether you’re looking for more of a cultural and historical trip or a gastronomic experience, we have everything covered.

For example, our Madrid Travel Guides offer information on attractions such as the Prado Museum where you can enjoy a huge range of European art in Spain’s answer to the Louvre. Our guide also offers unique dining experiences all over the city and a list of must see shops, cafes and nightclubs.

NH Hotels experience_facade

With our hotels being located right in the centre of busy cities, there are always popular sights, shops and attractions on your doorstep, along with fantastic transport links to make your way around the city as easy as getting to and from the airport. Travelling for business? Many of our hotels are situated near conference centres and business areas to offer a streamlined and stress-free commute that leaves room for leisure time and makes it simple to host business events.

Best way to end the day

After a long day exploring the city, you can return to the peaceful environment of the hotel spa, where you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing or just relax after a long day on your feet. Cool off in the pool and soak up the midday sun or, if you feel inclined to do so, head to our fully equipped gym. With a fantastic variety of top of the range equipment, you can burn off your indulgences enjoyed throughout the day in order to prepare yourself for you evening meal.

NH Hotels experience_terrace

If you’re in the mood  to step out of your room but not the hotel, we have so many gastronomic experiences to offer; ranging from fine dining, to beer gardens to rooftop bars with captivating views of the city. Ending the day with extraordinary food in a beautiful location and excellent service will make you feel indulged and completes your stay with NH Hotels.

So, when are you coming?

5 Reasons to be an NH Rewards Member

By NH | 9:46

Rebooted and ready to go, NH Rewards has been given the update you all deserve. As a new or existing member, our loyalty program offers you more exclusive deals and services than ever before. Why? Because we want you to make the most of your stay with us. There are 4 different statuses to achieve, each one unlocking more benefits than the previous. Whether for leisure or for work, make the most of traveling with us and let NH Rewards help you rediscover your city of stay from a new point of view.

Not a member and still unsure of what our program offers you? Well, here are 5 winning reasons why being a member is worth your time and why being loyal has never been so rewarding.


Special Rates & Promotions

What’s loyalty without exclusive offers? That’s exactly what you get when you’re an NH Rewards member, and that doesn’t apply to new members only. Throughout the year, you have numerous deals and promotions that you can select from to make the most of your vacations and business trips. We care about our guests and want to make sure that they have the best possible experience when in our hotels, and with NH Rewards things only get better. That is why, we also want to reward your loyalty by giving you special rates and deals.

Easy to Upgrade

NH’s rewards program has 4 membership statuses to scale through: blue, silver, gold, and platinum. You start as a blue member upon signing up, and silver is yours after just 5 room night stays! Pretty fast, don’t you think? So you can imagine how simple it is climbing the ladder to platinum status! In the last 5 years, our NH Rewards guests enjoyed their points in more than 500,000 stays. And of course, the more you stay, the services you unlock: such as a free room upgrades, exclusive customer service, premium wifi, and even room guarantee! The advantages are endless, why not take a look for yourself.


Share and donate

One of the most attractive features of our NH Rewards program is that you can share your points! Did you know that you can send points to your friends and family to boost their travels? Trust us, there is nothing better than sending or receiving points. After all, 1 point = 1 Euro! Some members have shocked up with the amount of points they have stored, and together our members have accumulated 80 million of them in the past 5 years… that’s 80 million euros!

What’s more is that with NH Rewards you can also donate your points to those in need, making a difference with each point earned!


Whether the points you have in your account have been earned by you or shared with you, you’ll be happy to know you can use your points beyond our hotels, and that we have several NH Rewards partners that also want to give yours travels that little extra lift. Find out who they are, here.


More Earning Opportunities

From your first stay onward, there are a plethora of situations in which you can earn points. New members get 5 points just for signing up to the program, and from there on you’ll keep on receiving them every time you stay at one of our hotels. Existing members will be happy to know that by booking through our web, you’ll earn points, with more coming your way depending on your status. And, like we said before, the more points you earn, the more you services you can enjoy. When you treat yourself, NH Rewards treats you back!

So, whether you’re a seasoned NH Rewards member or new to the community, there is no doubt that now is the time to be part of it. With each stay, the experience becomes more rewarding, so why not share your time with us with loved ones. Or, like more than 5,000 of our guests, extend your business trip over the weekend to truly get to know your city of stay. There’s never been a better time to sign up with NH Rewards. Get the best experience when you stay with us. Return and relive, start here!

10 Pictures You Need to Capture on Your Vacation

By NH | 17:30

You know that when you come back from your vacation, there will be a million pictures to show friends and family of your amazing travels. It’s a great way to remember all the great memories made. But did you take pictures of the right things? If you’re unsure, NH Hotel Group knows exactly what you need to capture so that wonderful escape stays in your memory forever!


The best way to start your day! Breakfast is always a touch tastier when on vacation: whether it’s enjoyed in your room with the morning light pouring in through the open window, the delicious pancakes and fruits from our famed buffet breakfast, or the design on your latte, breakfasts on vacation are always worth the snap! How about this continental selection form the breakfast at NH Brugge?


Room Views

Waking up to a different view is always exciting when on holiday! Seeing the beautiful landmarks and a new skyline from your NH hotel room, like those from NH Carlton Amsterdam, are dreamlike, no matter what the time of year is. So don’t let that memory fade and raise your camera.



Pool Pic

A pool pic is a signature vacation moment, a key indicator that you’re on holiday. Show off your new swimsuit or your new tan from NH terrace pool like @awsukiesukienow at NH Cartagena Urban Royal. You might even get amazing city views as your backdrop!




They say the best way to get to know a culture is through their food. Look no further than NH restaurants for authentic cuisine that may be one of the most memorable parts of your trip! Show everyone all the delicious meals you ate and to inspire your own menus when you’re back at home!



Streets and Beyond Pic

One of the best parts of exploring a new city is winding through all the beautiful streets. Get an amazing view of the beautiful city streets from your NH hotel room or our terrace! Look how beautiful Naples look from our NH Napoli Ambassador rooms! It’s impossible not to take pictures.




Are you beach bound this year? Then get the perfect pic of the light hitting the turquoise waters to remind yourself of the refreshing breeze and the sun tanning your skin, just like here at NH Imperial Playa in the Canary Islands!



Rooftop Views

Scale up to our terrace to enjoy the panoramic views of the city, like this guest did at NH Torino Santo Stefano! Though some cities are perhaps more striking than others from above, for sure you’ll be surprised by the amount of beauty to be seen when looking out across an urban playground. It’s always a good idea to try and capture as much as you can in one shot to look back on and remember where you went and what you saw!



Best Friends

Your furry best friends are guaranteed to give your vacation photo gold, and that’s why we have a selection of pet-friendly hotels to choose from! If you bring your pets, be sure to take pics of them because it’s their holiday too! This tired pup was snapped by his best friend at NH Laguna Palace! Capture them at their cutest when they’re sleeping on the bed or even when they’re perched at the window, inspecting the outside world.  




Make sunset hunting part of your itinerary. No two sunsets are the same, which is why we love chasing down the perfect evening sky. Even the most unprepared of travellers can get that colourful evening moment by heading up to the terrace or out to the garden of the hotel, where the sunset is absolutely exceptional. What do you think of the beautiful pink reflections of the French sunset at NH Nice? We love it!




Lastly, be sure to take a picture of yourself! A classic selfie in front of stunning views or with your travel buddies is a great way to remember how happy you were on your trip! Who knows, it might just convince you to return…



Taking pics when travelling can seem like a lot, especially when you feel like you’re being a typical tourist. Just remember the pictures will be infinitely more valuable when you are no longer there, and with NH Hotel Group you’ll be able to check everything off this list. So grab your camera, and explore!

Beachlovers favourite destinations

By NH | 11:37

There’s no debate that the ultimate place to celebrate summer is at a beach. Blue waters and soft sands in the hot sun attract all kinds of summer activities, and its why so many people flock to them for vacation. But true beach lovers know where their time is best spent when looking for a piece of paradise to enjoy. So for your summer vacation, consider the 5 favourite destinations of seasoned beach bums all over the world..


Mallorca is a jack of all trades when it comes to beaches. From pebble covered coves to rock cliff coasts, and from forested shores to the classic white sandy beach, there’s something for every kind of beach lover in this mediterranean jewel. Be sure take a trip to more than one beach as no two are quite the same!

For picturesque sandy beaches, be sure to make your way to Cala Portals Vells. A mix of rocky edges and cream-coloured sands, turquoise waters stretch out into the Balearic sea. After a few hours of tanning or swimming, walk down the walking path further to find caves carved into the cliff, open for exploration!


If your hotel is directly in Palma de Mallorca, such as NH Ciutat de Mallorca, a beach is still within your reach!  After taking the time to discover Palma and all the amazing sights within the city, your beach day destination is Cala Pi: A small but beautiful hideaway, a steep staircase leads you to this cliff-walled beach with aquamarine waters. Set back 100 metres from the ocean, the water is as still as a spa.

For those who love a good beach road trip, grab your towel, your crew, and drive down Sa Calobra to its dreamy beach destination. Pass through deep valleys and soaring hills to a rocky-pebbled beach wedged perfectly between two sky-scraping rock shelves. For a quieter place to unwind, head just west 2 kilometres to Cala Tuent, a quieter shore surrounded by lush forests. Whatever type of beach you want to explore, Mallorca has it all!



Situated beautifully on the cliff, Taormina offers amazing views, historic architecture, and just beyond the city, stunning beaches. Serving as Sicily’s summer star, the tourist town lives up to its name of being a gorgeous vacation destination.

The nearest beach to the city is Lido Mazzaro, where sands stretch around a sapphire cove leading up to a large rocky peninsula. The area is well supplied by bars and restaurants, making it a convenient hub for those looking for a meal in between their beach time. Just beyond Lido Mazzaro is Isola Bella, a smaller option. Isola Bella’s beach is hugged by the rocky peninsula to the left and the Isola Bella nature reserve to its right, just a quick sandy trail away from Mazzarro and a quick 15 minute drive from NH Collection Taormina.

Just south of Taormina is Giardini Naxos, a grander alternative to Lido Mazzaro and Isola Bella. The long expanse of ivory sand is worth the drive for the extra space! Walk along the back of the beach and browse through the souvenir shops to find a little memoir of this wonderful place. In Taormina, your summer vacation can feel straight out of a novel.


Punta Cana

Punta Cana’s beaches are iconic. Very few beaches within the Caribbean come close to the pure and serene feeling you get when you stay here. For this reason, Punta Cana is a very popular destination for beach seekers. Paradise is more accessible than you think it is, Punta Cana regulars know that.

A 10 minute walk from NH Punta Cana, Bavaro Beach has pearl white sands that stretch for what seems like forever. Slender palms waver in the breeze, providing post great shade and a possible post for your hammock. The water is a tempting shade of blue that welcomes swimmers to run in enjoy the sunniest days in the Atlantic.

If you want to do more than sunbathe and swim on the beach, there’s many opportunities on Bavaro to do different beach activities. Ride along the waves on a sailing cruise, or perhaps you’d like to meet a dolphin at the dolphin water park! With options like these, Punta Cana can bring a beach to life for you!


San Sebastián

Enticing and magnetic, San Sebastian has been a long time favourite of Europeans. It opens as a place  of rich history and culture, and finishes with the extensive beaches that mark when the city ends. Experience the golden sands and the azure waters that are the cherry on top to this charming destination!

Widely considered one of the best city beaches in Europe, Playa de la Concha is stretches almost as long as the city itself does, with beautiful azure waves cascading on the shores. Lie on the soft sands to tan or venture further to discover Isla de Santa Clara, the small island in the middle of the big blue lagoon that opens San Sebastian to the ocean. However you choose to spend your time, it’ll be an unforgettable beach.

If you’re a surfer, you’ll want to venture beyond to Playa de Zurriola. Notorious as a surfing haven in Spain, find the best waves on the north coast. If you aren’t the greatest surfer, the waters are not ideal for swimming. However, beach volleyball, football, and surfing spectators are all frequent. Fall in love with San Sebastian and its rich culture and beach life!


Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias holds historic pride of being a well kept colonial town and a UNESCO world heritage site. Beyond this however, Cartagena has amazing beaches! Called the “Queen of the Caribbean coast”, see how this amazing wonder lives up to its name!


To start off your beach trips, take a day trip by boating to the very close Tierra Bomba Island Looking over the Cartagena skyline, the coastline is surrounded by beautiful beaches! The island is plentiful in bars and restaurants with refreshing cocktails to enjoy on the shore. Relax in a hammock and watch the sunset over the city from this lovely island!

If you’re interested in a road trip, Playa Blanca is worth the 20 kilometres drive. At the base of Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria National Park, Playa Blanca’s white sand beaches are stunning. Walk along the sugary beaches with teal waters that make you feel like you’ve stepped inside a screensaver. Be sure to stay at NH Cartagena Urban Royal to be able to experience both of these amazing beaches!


Beauty is a key aspect of a good beach. But a great beach will give you peace, adventure, and views that allure people from near and far. With options from all over the world you’re sure to find a beach that gives you that feeling of happiness you’ve been searching for on your vacation. Be sure to stay at NH hotels to have your summer paradise at the reach of your fingertips!