Hotels with History (Part I)

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At NH Hotel Group, we like hotels with history. Through them you can have incredible and extraordinary experiences. Do you want to take a look?

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Without any doubt, this is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world;, because of its location, facilities and history. 

To discover its origins, we have to travel back in time to the 13th century, when the Kingdom of Sicily, founded a few years before by Norman mercenaries that drove out the local Saracens, was governed by the Ghibellines. An abbey and a monastery originally belonging to the Cistercian Order was built on the Amalfi coast. In the 15th century it was used by Amalfi University as a lecture hall, and after that,  it was nhabited by Capuchin monks until the 17th century. Towards the end of the 18th century, the Napoleonic occupation resulted in its rich heritage being scattered and reduced. In the 19th century, the government of Amalfi proposed to use this site as a cemetery but, fortunately, in 1882 it started to be used as an inn. Important figures such as the playwright Henrik Ibsen or, the composer Richard Wagner, were frequent guests, among others.

After the renovation done in 2009 by Claudio Tenerelli, some old medieval features were restored such as the original cloister, the colonnade, the chapel, and the 18th century frescos. Air conditioning was also installed in order to meet the high standards of our Premium brand, NH Collection, thus being transformed into an authentic 21st century establishment with 18th century ambience.

As such, our guests can enjoy an infinity pool, a wellbeing center, a full workout area, rooms with views of the Mediterranean and the impressive Amalfi coast, as well as a panoramic restaurant on the fifth floor.

The surroundings are absolutely worthy of attention. The Amalfi coast, the Isle of Capri, the old towns of Amalfi, Positano, y Sorrentino, Naples and the Pompeii ruins, and Herculano…all in all, a wealth of diverse cultural, artistic, and leisure attractions that will delight our guests and provide them with an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

NH Collection Torino Piazza Carlina

Now we’re moving from the South to the North of Italy, to make a stop in Turin, the capital of Piemont before the Duchy of Savoy, and the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy at the end of the 19th century. 

We’ll take a rest in this wonderful city at the foot of the Alps to talk about our NH Collection Piazzas Carlina hotel. The building has been standing since the end of the 17th century, when Turin was the most important city in the Duchy of Savoy. During the several centuries since it was built until 1890, it was known as the city’s “Albergo di Virtú”, a charity dedicated to providing medical care to the needy and offering classes so they could learn a trade.

Later, part of the building was used as rental apartments, and between 1921 and 1922 the Italian politician Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party, lived in an attic rented by the mother of one of his university classmates. His room was located on the third floor on the side of the building facing Vía San Massimo.

Finally, after being closed for several years, it reopened in November 2014 as the NH Collection Piazza Carlina after being completely renovated. Among other features, our guests can enoy its comfortable hard-wood floors, its two terraces with spectacular views over the city, and its fully equipped gym.

All of this is in the heart of the city, close to the Mole Antonelliana (which houses the National Cinema Museum), the Royal Palace, the well-known Egyptian Museum, and the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist which is famous for holding the Holy Shroud.

NH Collection Jousten

Inaugurated in 1928 during the city´s “belle epoque”, the NH Collection Jousten hotel is without any doubt one of the most emblematic hotels in Buenos Aires.

In the 19th century, there was already a hotel on the same lot where our building stands today. It was known as the “Immigrant Hotel” because many travelers that came to Argentina from the old world chose to live there due to its proximity to the city’s port. Later on the hotel changed locations, and the building stopped being used as a residence. It stayed this way until 1926 when María Lidia Lloveras, Princess of Faucigny Lucinge (an aristocratic family from old Europe) and owner of a residence on the lot, asked the architect Ramón Pérez Irigoyen to construct a building reminiscent of her château in France that she longed for. Two years later, in 1928, the Argentine president Marcelo T. Alvear inaugurated the luxury hotel.

During many years, it was a symbol of splendor in the city of Buenos Aires. “El Faisán”, the restaurant located on the hotel´s bottom floor, was particularly well-known. In the style of Rick´s in Casablanca, it hosted spies from both sides in World War II. But the golden years went by, and in 1980 the hotel was closed and its luxurious furniture was put up for auction.

 However, this would not be the end of the mythical Jousten. NH Hotel Group took over the building and extensively renovated it for its reopening in the year 2000. The renovation respected most of the original elements built by Peréz Irigoyen in 1928. His neo-plateresque style is still clearly recognized on the exterior façade. On the inside, the original columns and staircases were maintained, and some of the furniture auctioned off in 1980 was even recovered. For this effort, the Museum of the City awarded the building the title of “Testimonio de la Memoria Ciudadana” in 2003. 

Later on, the hotel became a part of our Premium brand, NH Collection. Its classic decoration, its large and well-lit rooms, and all the comforts of a 4-star hotel combined with its privileged location on Avenida de Corrientes has made the Jousten continue to be a point of reference in the Argentine capital well into the 21st century.

NH Collection Palacio de Tepa

NH Collection Palacio de Tepa hotel is located in Madrid in the Barrio de las Letras. Although the building itself dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, its story begins a few centuries earlier.

Madrid’s Barrio de las Letras neighborhood originated during the cities expansion in the 16th century. Starting from the original city center around the Royal Palace, the city began to grow towards the south and east arriving at the present-day Paseo del Prado. The neighborhood is known for its literary activity and the writers that lived there, such as Cervantes, Góngora, Quevedo, and Lope de Vega.

Before the current palace was built which our hotel now occupies, the well-known Fonda de San Sebastián was located on the same site, one of the many points in the city where artists and intellectuals would famously gather during the second half of the 18th century during the reign of Carlos III. Men of letters such as Espronceda, Larra or Zorrilla used to frecuent this place. There were some rules in these literary gatherings: “Theater, bullfighting, love and poetry were the only topics allowed”. The current building was constructed by order of the Count of Tepa at the beginning of the 19th century. Designed by architect Pedro Durán, it was completed in 1808. Later on it converted to a residential building with storefronts on the bottom floor. Then the building partially burnt, and was confiscated during Spanish Civil War. It also hosted offices and even a hairdress academy.

The present-day hotel was opened in 2004, after a renovation process overseen by architects Javier Feduchi Benlliure and Werner Durrer. During the renovation, the so-called “Viajes de Agua de la Castellana” were uncovered, a system of pools and tunnels built at the beginning of the 17th century which provided water to the areas surrounding what is today the Paseo de la Castellana and its extension, the Paseo del Prado. The pipelines’ remains can be viewed in the hotel itself through glass floors.

The NH Collection Palacio de Tepa hotel is therefore a good example of Madrid’s literary, artistic, and cultural side. The neoclassical exterior contrasts with a modern interior, with hard-wood floors and naturally lit large rooms. Also, in the “La Cuchara de Tepa” restaurant you will find the best examples of new Spanish cuisine.

Finally, we’d like to highlight its excellent location…It is very close to the Prado Museum and the Huertas area, with a multitude of options for dining and leisure. Just in front of the hotel we can find  San Sebastian’s Church, where the famous writer Lope de Vega was buried, and not far from the Convent of Trinitarias, where it’s said that Cervantes’s remains rests.  It is an ideal place for an extraordinary experience.

These are just a few of our historic hotels, but we have many more…

Keep an eye out!

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NH Hotel Group’s Outstanding Presence at the Annual GBTA Convention

By NH | 13:06
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The GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) held its annual convention in the city of Orlando, Florida (USA) from the 25th to the 29th of July 2015. The event hosted more than 7,000 participants and 400 companies with exhibitions, including NH Hotel Group.

The slogan for this year was #sharing, referring to the need to share ideas between providers and companies for whom employee and director travel expenses make up much of the annual budget.

Rufino Pérez Fernández, our Chief Commercial Officer, participated in a panel on the 27th of July called “Differentiating Brands in the Sharing Economy”, along with Guy Landford (Deloitte), Chip Conley (Airbnb), Greg Stubblefield (Enterprise Holdings), and Kaye Ceille (Zipcar). Our CCO highlighted the importance of offering customers an experience that builds loyalty and trust, given that technology (another pillar of our group) for the sake of technology doesn’t make sense. He also indicated that the eruption of new businesses in the market poses “a challenge that drives us to improve”.


 Also, there were another two panels called “The Future of Airline Competition” and “The Future of Travel Distribution”. Conference attendees also enjoyed presentations from individuals such as Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, and the actor Kevin Bacon, among others. Another highlight of this event were the 80 workshop focused on travel education and held throughout the week.

The GBTA is the first global association of “business, travel and meeting organizations”. It has members on six continents, is committed to bringing together travel sector businesses and large multinationals to make the process of managing business traveler’s trips more efficient through agreements between members.

In each region in which the GBTA is present, they periodically host conferences, workshops, and meetings on a wide range of topics related to the business travel sector. Additionally, this convention is held annually, and is attended by its members and market leaders on a large scale. The previous edition was held in Los Angeles, California (USA) and after this year’s Orlando edition it will travel to Denver, Colorado (USA) in 2016.

This indispensable meeting for those who are dedicated to the travel industry had its crowning moment for NH Hotel Group when our most leading technology, the hologram, was presented. Thanks to this technology, attendees were able to be at GBTA’s convention and Amsterdam at the same time!


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Breakfasts, Pools, Terraces, and Cocktails….. The Best Plan for This Summer!

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Summer is a time to rest the mind and body, to relax and enjoy the small pleasures of life. A nice dip in the pool to beat the heat, a cocktail on a terrace with good company, an evening walk with your family…

We invite you to enjoy an authentic and unforgettable experience in our hotels this summer season, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. To make it easier, we’re launching our Summer Promo so that you can get the most out of your stay. At participating hotels, you’ll get free breakfast, late check-out until 2:00 p.m., and children under 11 years old stay free.

What’s this experience like? We’ll show you through moments that our guests have captured and shared with us on social media.


Una foto publicada por Diana Valdenebro Barroso (@dianaval92) el


In the morning, wake up hungry and enjoy the breakfast we’ve prepared for you. At our buffets you’ll find a wide selection to help you get energized for the day.

Delicious juices, fresh fruit, fine pastry, the best deli products, crunchy toast…. It doesn’t matter if you prefer sweet or savory, we’ve got everything to make sure your day starts in the best way possible.


Una foto publicada por @kellynederlof el


And the best part…. At hotels participating in our summer promotion, it’s free!

Are you ready? Then now’s the time for the day’s first dip in the pool! A good pool is something that can’t be missed this summer, but if you prefer salt water we’ve also got hotels by the beach. You choose!


Una foto publicada por Peter Marcussen (@marcussen78) el


After a swim, it’s a great time to relax by working on your tan or reclining in the shade in one of our deck chairs. Everything else can wait.

When it’s time to eat, choose from the menu of one of our restaurants. Original and surprising dishes cooked with high quality local ingredients by the best chefs. Let’s eat


Una foto publicada por Youyou Mello (@youyoumello) el


And there’s no better way to finish a meal than treating yourself to dessert, don’t you think?

In the afternoon, you can enjoy the amenities in our hotels, from getting a little exercise in the gym, to relaxing in the spa, or simply spending time with the family. Remember that this summer you don’t need to leave the kids or grandparents at home — thanks to our Summer Promo, kids under 11 years old who share a room with their parents are free.

However, remember that since it’s summer…. you can always go back to your lawn chair!

Another fantastic part of our hotels are the terraces. Having a delicious cocktail outside with unforgettable views sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?


Una foto publicada por Erika e Simona (@brilliantweddingsicily) el


And in the evening you have a choice. Do you still have energy to hang out in the hotel bar?

But if you’re ready to call it a day, we have one last suggestion for you: Take a relaxing bubble bath, get comfortable…. and sleep like a baby! Don’t worry about the summer heat, all of our rooms have air-conditioning.

And don’t forget! If you’ve stayed up late and have to leave the next day, you won’t have to worry about getting up because with our Summer Promo, you have until 2:00 p.m. to enjoy your room….and your bed.

As you can see from our guests’ photos, each summer has its story. At NH Hotel Group, we want to hear yours. We have everything you need to have an unforgettable experience with us. Choose your ideal hotel and don’t forget to share your photos on social media with the hashtag #travelwithnh. We’ll be waiting for you!


Una foto publicada por Carmen ♥ (@carmen_sarria) el


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From Portugal to Italy: a Tour of 2015’s Grand Openings

By NH | 11:57
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Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to look back of the first half of the year, during which we have been lucky enough to open around a dozen new hotels, as well as our first VIP Level.

Porto, Trento, Taormina and San Sebastián are some of the cities that have new hotels belonging to our NH line or our Premium brand NH Collection.

The newest of these is our NH Collection Porto Batalha Hotel, which opened last february in the heart of the Portuguese city of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Located in a recently renovated 18th century palace, the hotel is filled with history: it was originally the home of an important wine producing family and later became the city’s central post office.



NH Collection Porto Batalha hotel maintains the essence of old Porto in one of the city’s best locations, with views of the famous Batalha Plaza. It is also located near the Ribeira neighborhood, the Torre dos Clérigos bell tower, and the Serralves Foundation, Portugal’s most visited museum. It’s the perfect base for your next trip to Porto.

From Portugal we travel to Italy, where we opened hotels in Trento and Taormina between May and June.

The spectacular and brand-new NH Trento hotel is in a privileged location surrounded by stunning landscapes, situated along the Adige River with views of the Alps and nearby natural parks. It is located in “Le Albere” district, which was designed in its entirety by the famous architect Renzo Piano, who also designed the hotel itself.

Enormous windows flood the rooms with light, and if you stay in one of the Junior Suites on the fourth floor, you will enjoy magnificent views of the Alps. Who could ask for more?

Moving on to Southern Italy, the 5 star NH Collection Taormina hotel awaits us in the middle of the fabulous city of Taormina, located on the east coast of Sicily and one of the region’s most famous destinations. Its central location is one of its biggest advantages. It is only steps away from Corso Umberto I Street, the city’s best street for shopping with dozens of stores, cafés, and bars.

The balconies and terraces found in the majority of its rooms, as well as the spectacular pool, make the hotel an exceptional place to enjoy the beautiful views of Taormina and the Mediterranean. Once you’re there, all your worries will disappear! If you reserve the Presidential Suite, you will also enjoy a private Jacuzzi, an independent living room, and a large bathroom. Luxury is within your reach.

Now in Spain, NH Collection San Sebastián Aránzazu hotel, previously known by its former name NH Aránzazu, lets you stay only five minutes from Ondarreta beach, one of the best in the region. Located in the distinguished neighborhood of the same name in San Sebastián, it is surrounded by dozens of bars and restaurants, including the Basque Culinary Center and numerous Michelin Star restaurants.

In the hotel itself, you can delight in the best of Basque gastronomy from the hands of Chef Martin Aristondo in the Kukuarri restaurant. Thanks to its excellent service and first class kitchen staff, the restaurant provides hotel guests with an unforgettable gastronomic experience that combines tradition and the avant-garde in high quality, market-fresh cuisine.

We finish our tour at NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding hotel, where our VIP Level was unveiled on May 27. This is a new concept of exclusive and distinctive customer service found in our premium brand, NH Collection.

This new concept, already available in this this hotel and soon to come in other NH Collection hotels around the world, offers a series of exclusive services before, during, and after your stay. This includes exclusive Guest Relations, a VIP lounge, private reception, early check-in, late check-out, a private breakfast area, access to the Metropolitan Eurobuilding’s Fitness & Wellness Center, and the possibility of making a priority reservation in David Muñoz’s DiverXO restaurant, the only Michelin three-star restaurant in Madrid. All of this guarantees a unique and completely personalized experience.

At NH Hotel Group, we keep growing year after year with the goal of becoming closer to you, our guest, and increasingly satisfying your tastes and requirements. We await you!

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NH Ribera del Manzanares achieves Excellence with the BREEAM Certificate

By NH | 12:32
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Charging stations for electric cars, sustainable materials, LED lighting, electric bicycle rentals…These are just a few of the reasons why our NH Ribera del Manzanares hotel has received the “outstanding” rating for building management with the BREEAM certification (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), becoming the first hotel in operation to receive such a high score. This certificate is recognized as the method for evaluating and certifying sustainability in the world’s most prestigious buildings.

BREEAM NH Ribera del ManzanaresSeveral categories were assessed for this certification, such as Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Transportation, Water, Materials, Waste, Environmentally Friendly Soil Use, and Pollution, with high marks being received for each. Also within the framework of the BREEAM certification, the hotel has received the “very good” rating for the characteristics of the building itself.

Since the hotel was built in 2009, continuous improvements made to the facilities and the measures adopted how business is conducted has culminated in us receiving this prestigious certificate with excellent results.

BREEAM NH Ribera del Manzanares

Along with having a neutral carbon footprint, the hotel, just like other hotels belonging to the Group, has the ISO 14001 certification, which recognizes organizations for efficiency in environmental management, and the ISO 50001 certification, which recognizes efficiency in energy management. NH Ribera del Manzanares also exhaustively controls water and energy consumption as well as waste management. It even has a Biodiversity Management Plan for taking care of outdoor green spaces.

All of the meetings, conferences, and events held at NH Ribera del Manzanares are also completely eco-friendly, following rigorous criteria for sustainability and reducing environmental impact to a minimum.

BREEAM NH Ribera del Manzanares

For all of these reasons, BRE (Building Research Establishment), a British organization that manages the certifications, has given an exceptional rating to a service hotel in the building management category for the first time.

In the words of Mónica Chao, our Environment & Sustainability Corporate  Manager, “we are very proud to receive such a high rating in this certification, which motivates us to keep working with the same commitment to the environment that NH has kept since the beginning. NH Ribera del Manzanares hotel has managed to achieve excellence in sustainability with this prestigious certificate”. This statement perfectly illustrates the joy this recognition has given our company. Furthermore, in October 2015 this hotel will host the first BREEAM course held in Spain for professionals that want to begin using the methodology.


The Green Corridor of Madrid

NH Ribera del Manzanares is located in southwestern Madrid, next to the Manzanares River, in the corridor known as Madrid Río. This unique enclave in the capital is made up of green spaces, bike paths, and sports facilities that combine to provide recreation and cultural opportunities available to the hotel’s guests.

It is also close to Vicente Calderón Stadium, home of the Atlético de Madrid footballl club, and other landmarks such as Puerta de Toledo, the La Latina neighborhood famous for its tapas bars, and the capital’s historic center.

BREEAM NH Ribera del Manzanares

NH Hotel Group continues its strong commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment. If you want to have a truly “sustainable experience” at a hotel unique in the world, we look forward to seeing you at NH Ribera del Manzanares hotel. Don’t miss it!


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Milan: A Must-Visit City for 2015

By NH | 11:43
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It’s the Italian capital of fashion and business, and this year, people from around the world will gather there for the Universal Exposition. For this reason, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to visit.

Expo Milano, which takes over from the last event celebrated in Shanghai in 2010, kicked off on May 1st and will not end until October 31st. During these six months, close to 150 countries and international organizations will be represented, attracting 29 million tourists, with an average of 160,000 visitors per day.

The event, which takes place in an exhibition area of one million square meters, will focus on nutrition, gastronomy, and global food resources. Under the tagline “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life”, the debate about the right to healthy and quality food for everyone will take place.

The objective is to raise awareness among attendees about hunger and childhood malnutrition, which affects 850 million people globally. Over the course of six months, there will be more than 7,000 conferences, workshops, ceremonies, debates and informational activities focusing on the subject.

Additionally, this is a great opportunity to visit the city, or if it’s not your first time, to rediscover its main attractions (the cathedral, the stock exchange, La Scala opera house, high fashion shops…) and to feel the pulse of Milan.

It was there that we went last week, to receive the 2015 Business of the Year award from the Federation of Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania (FEDECOM). The President of the Government of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, was in charge of giving us the award during the celebration of Spain Day in the Universal Exposition.

The award, which was received by the Group’s President, Rodrigo Echenique, and the CEO, Federico J. González Tejera, recognizes our efforts in boosting the international labor market as well as our commitment to excellent service.

In the words of FEDECOM President, Juan Rodríguez-Villa, “when we live abroad or we travel frequently outside of Spain, we feel proud to find signs of NH Hotel Group in landscape of many cities around the world, on the signs of prestigious buildings and in the best urban areas”.

In fact, Milan is one of the cities in which you can find the most hotels belonging to our Group: nine NH Hotels, one NHCollection and a nhow. The closest hotel to the Expo is the NH Milano Fiera, an impressive complex designed by the renowned architect Dominique Perrault, which is part of set of buildings involved in the FieraMilano Exposition and Demonstrations Fair.

Its two minimalist towers offer spectacular panoramic views stretching for various kilometers, and the best of all is that it only takes 20 minutes to arrive to the city center by metro. Without a doubt, it’s a great option to stay during the Universal Expo. We are waiting for you!

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The VIP Level Experience Arrives at NH Collection Eurobuilding

By NH | 12:38
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On May 27th, we had an extraordinary experience at NH Collection Eurobuilding: the grand international opening of the VIP Level. This is a new and exclusive premium customer service concept now available at the hotel that, without a doubt, will elevate our clients’ visits to a new, never-before-seen level.

This new experience, which will later be available in other NH Collection hotels around the world, offers exclusive services before, during, and after your stay. All of this is to guarantee a unique, personalized, and differential experience from brought to you by our premium brand, NH Collection.


“With the introduction of our new VIP Level, the customer’s experience reaches a very high level, which will make staying at the hotel in the city of Madrid something unique,” said Hugo Rovira, General Director of the Spain, Portugal and Andorra Business Unit of NH Hotel Group.


To achieve this, the VIP Level includes exclusive Guest Relations, a VIP Lounge, private reception, early check-in starting at 12:00pm and late check-out from 2:00pm, welcome details in the room, a private area in the breakfast room, secretarial services, access to the Fitness & Wellness Center in the Metropolitan Eurobuilding, and the possibility of a priority reservation in DiverXO, David Muñoz’s restaurant which is the only three Michelin star restaurant located in this hotel, as well as access to priceless experiences for MasterCard clients.

We did not want this extraordinary experience to be limited to the hotel, so we sought to extend it to the entire Madrid visit. As such, guests staying on the VIP Level can also enjoy an array of additional services, such as Personal Shopper, private transport, perks at El Corte Inglés on Paseo de la Castellana (a welcome drink and tapa, a 10% Reward for foreign tourists, and Tax Free benefits just for clients from outside the European Union), a VIP Card for Las Rozas Village, prestige service from Europcar, admission to the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the possibility of reserving the Real Madrid VIP Box.


Back at the hotel, everything on the VIP Level is thoughtfully planned so that guests can enjoy total comfort, privacy, and exclusivity, both in the common areas as well as, of course, in the rooms.

In total, we have 64 VIP Level rooms: thirteen 36m² Premium rooms with a view, twenty-four 40 m² Premium rooms with a terrace, four 60m² Junior Duplex Suites, two 110 m² Junior Suites with a private terrace, and one 150 m² Presidential Suite.


In addition, VIP Level guests have access to a VIP Lounge on the hotel’s top floor, where they can enjoy a light breakfast, a selection of newspapers, and a bar with drinks and delicatessen snacks in a private room open the whole day.

We provide everything that is necessary to make staying at the hotel a premium level experience, and ensure that our guests truly feel extraordinary, which is our main goal. Don’t hesitate, reserve a VIP Level room and turn your experience into something unique.


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NH Collection Aránzazu, a new hotel concept for San Sebastián

By NH | 16:33
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“NH Collection Aránzazu brings together the light, gastronomy, and vanguard style of San Sebastián in one unique hotel concept.” These are the words of Hugo Rovira, Managing Director of NH Hotel Group in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. And it is the best way to describe what the new 4 star NH Collection San Sebastián Aránzazu is all about.

Located in the elegant Ondarreta neighborhood, very close to the beach, the Aránzazu hotel reopens its doors after becoming part of the NH Collection line. To meet the standards of NH Hotel Group’s Premium brand, the hotel was remodeled with the goal of being one of the provincial capital’s hotels of reference.

The hotel’s decoration is truly vanguard in style. Marble stands out in reception, being used in columns, elevators, and especially the floors. Its 180 rooms are marked by fine woods, a range of whites used to accent the light entering through the large windows, and green patterns that evoke the Guipuzkoan capital’s natural surroundings.

Additional, the rooms feature important decorative elements designed by renowned artists, such as tables by Isamo Noguchi, the “Tolomeo” lamps by designers Michelle de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, or the Sancal Club’s armchairs.

Finally, the large spider lamp also stands out, made from five concentric rings whose design symbolizes both the industrial past and technological future of the region. Hand finished and weighing more than 100 kilograms, the LED lamp majestically presides over the hotel’s reception.

Another of the strengths of this new complex is the area dedicated to meetings and events. With a total of 7 lounges able to accommodate up to 300 people, the NH Collection San Sebastián Aranzazu offers to its customers 1100 m2 of wide windows that provide natural lighting to the spaces.

Apart from meeting and event spaces equipped with the latest technology (digital projectors, portable transformers, videoconference equipment, cutting-edge plasma screens, high quality sound systems…), our clients will be able to rely on the experience of the NH Meetings team, which will provide backup and support services for any meeting or event held in the hotel.

Being located in a region like the Basque Country, NH Collection San Sebastián Aránzazu could not ignore fine cuisine, and for this reason a unique gastronomic experience has been incorporated. Our restaurant, Kukuarri, is an innovative culinary concept that combines Chef Martín Aristondo’s celebrated Basque cooking with renowned bartender Diego Cabrera’s exclusive cocktails. All of this is found in one versatile space, with several unique atmospheres, in which design and fine food combine to create an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

This is all because San Sebastián is a paradise for lovers of fine gastronomy. For this, enjoying the city’s celebrated cuisine is as important as visiting its monuments, museums, and beaches. Significantly, three of the city’s restaurants have three Michelin stars each, with other restaurants bringing the city’s total to 16 stars, which makes it the city with the second most Michelin stars in the world.

And you can’t miss San Sebastián’s famous pintxos. The old town and the Gros neighborhood are home to many of the city’s bars and taverns where pintxos can be sampled. Many establishments feature a star pintxo that must be tried, paired of course with a txikito (small glass of wine) or txacoli (typical white wine from the Basque Country).

After eating, there is nothing better than wandering through the old town’s streets, and discovering Constitution Plaza, Saint Vincent Church, Saint Mary’s Basilica, or the San Telmo Museum. Other points of interest, such as City Hall or Alderdi-Eder Park, can be found in the Ensanche district, characterized by an elegant and romantic 19th-century urban design.

Ondarreta and Concha beach, along with Santa Clara Island, make up one of the city’s most beautiful and iconic panoramas. However, surfing lovers will prefer Zurriola beach, next to the Kursaal Congress Palace and Auditorium, whose conditions are ideal for surfing.

And nothing beats ending the day with a beautiful view. The views of Concha Bay as seen from Mount Igeldo are some of the city’s best: the perfect way to end this vacation. We will be waiting for you in our NH Collection San Sebastián Aránzazu hotel!


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The XV Global Summit of WTTC concluded in Madrid highlighting the importance of Innovation

By NH | 10:49
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The travel and tourism industry is undergoing a time of rapid evolution, with many opportunities and innovations that need to be taken advantage of. This was the main conclusion of the XV global summit of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the most important event in the world for the tourism sector. The event took place on the 15th and 16th of April in Madrid and hosted more than a thousand industry professionals including hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, providers, airlines, and expert speakers on the present and future of this sector.

NH Hotel Group was Platinum Sponsor of the event, hosted in Spain for the first time, and we took advantage of this important occasion to share and learn with industry experts.

The session began with a spectacular flamenco performance, followed by a warm welcome from David Scowsill and Michael Frenzel, the CEO and Chairman of WTTC respectively, along with the General Secretary of the World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai.

Richard Fenning, CEO of Control Risk, gave us great insight into existing risks in the Travel and Tourism Sector.  He shared his latest studies which show the advantage that we have, given that “the world has never been as safe as it is now”.

Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital (a bona fide entrepreneurship guru), spoke about the great opportunities and advantages currently available to startups.

Important figures participated, such as the former President of the European Commission José Manuel Durao Barroso, the President of Banco Santander Ana Botín, and the CEOr of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Tony Tyler.

Durao Barroso highlighted Europe as the most visited destination in the world, and as such should tap into its potential. Botín reminded us that tourism represents 12% of the Spanish economy, generating three million jobs. 

The CEO of the WTTC, David Scowsill, also mentioned the importance of the industry on the global level. It makes up almost 10% of the world economy, and is estimated to grow 3.7% this year.  In the last decade, the tourism sector has become, according to Taleb Rifai, “a cornerstone of social transformation in the world”.

The growing importance of technology in the tourism sector was one of the most highlighted themes at this Summit which played host to CEOs of companies such as Amadeus, Ryanair and The roundtable discussion dedicated to the potential growth of the Travel and Tourism Sector in Europe became, thanks to Michael O’Leary, an entertaining debate about the taxes and politics faced by airlines.

During the second day, taking advantage of the fact that Madrid was the Summit host, there was a discussion about Madrid’s role as a connection between Spain, Latin America and the rest of the world. David Muñoz, chef of the restaurant DiverXo with three Michelin stars which is located in the NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding, highlighted that Madrid is “the best city in Europe to enjoy gastronomy, innovation and new trends”. 

Luis Gallego, CEO of Iberia, said that Madrid is “the entry point for Latin America in Europe” and that it has “one of the best airports,” but that it is necessary to consolidate Barajas as a hub that connects Spain and the rest of the world.

NH Hotel Group participated in one of the roundtable discussions that took place to talk about the current situation of hotel chains and the current importance of technology in the sector.

In the words of our CEO, Federico J. González Tejera, hotels are both “services and experiences”. When someone stays at a hotel they want the best products and services. The destination and location can then complete a great experience. 

Federico J. González Tejera also said that “in the hotel industry, there are still many opportunities to innovate and that those innovations create a strong link with our clients”.

 “For NH, technology is fundamental and we are very focused in this area, but the most important thing continues to be knowing what the guests want and what they will want or need. We use technology to respond to this, but without a deep knowledge of the guest’s needs the technology is useless”, said NH’s CEO who participated in the innovation debate along with members of Airbnb, Expedia, Google Travel and Hertz Corporation.

One of WTTC’s best panels was “Social Media- Letting the Outside In”, in which Gary Vaynerchuck, Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, debated with Barney Harford, CEO of Orbitz Worldwide, John O’Sullivan, of Tourism Australia, and Adam Weissenberg of Deloitte, about how businesses should market to their clients, using new Social Media tools to listen to and target their audiences well.

In the end, the two days of intense debate and reflection energized the sector, which is looking towards the future with the intention to continue renovating itself every day to keep setting new goals for offering the best experiences and services to clients. The next Summit? It will take place next year in Dallas, Texas. 

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The WTTC 15th Global Summit Arrives in Madrid

By NH | 13:32
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On the 15th and 16th of April, Madrid will host the 15th Global Summit of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), in which important business and public relations leaders from the tourism and travel sector will participate. The event takes place annually with the objective of examining the sector at a global level and determining goals for the future. This year’s theme is “Disruption & Reinvention” (see program).

The event will also cover the latest in tourism and travel in Spain, and particularly Madrid. After all, the host country is a leader in international tourism and ranks third for most number of visits. The conferences will take place in IFEMA, the capital’s largest exhibition and conference center, and the gala dinner will be held in the Palacio de Cibeles.

Our CEO, Federico J. González Tejera, will take part in the Summit along with other prestigious speakers such as José Manuel Durão Barroso, (European Commission President 2004-2014), Michael Frenzel (President of the WTTC), Taleb Rifai (General Secretary of the World Tourism Organization), Ana Botín (Delegate Advisor from Santander Bank), Luis Gallego (CEO of Iberia), Emilio Butragueño (Director of Institutional Relations for Real Madrid) and chef David Muñoz, among others. (see complete list here).  

Our Commitment to the Tourism and Travel Sector.

NH Hotel Group is one of the event’s main sponsors. Our hotels NH Collection Eurobuilding and Hesperia Madrid have been appointed as official hotels of the Summit, offering special discounts and offers for attendees.

NH Collection Eurobuilding is considered the best business and leisure hotel in Europe, thanks to its dedication to maximum technological innovation, its eclectic decoration and its extraordinary service, not to mention that it hosts some of the best restaurants in Madrid such as Domo by Roncero&Cabrera, DiverXO (3 Michelin Star) and 99 Sushi Bar.

Hesperia Madrid is located in the middle of Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid’s main artery, in a business and shopping district. This luxurious hotel hosts the restaurant Santceloni, which has been awarded with 2 Michelin Stars. 

NH Hotel Group has a total of 33 hotels in and near Madrid, which are always prepared to host everyone who visits the capital of Spain according to their needs.

The World Travel & Tourism Council

The WTTC is considered the leading authority on the global economic and social contribution of the tourism and travel sectors. Among its strategic priorities are promoting tourism growth policies, reducing procedural restrictions and barriers for business and leisure travelers, and the sustainable development of the sector with big growth predictions in the coming years.

This organization conducts economic research, which examines the direct and indirect impact of tourism on employment, the GDP of countries, and trade and investments. It also studies the impact of politics and policy on the tourism and travel industry. The WTTC also has important industry members, such as directors of the sector’s leading companies, among them the Global CEO of NH Hotel Group.

The WTTC was founded in 1990 in Paris, and one year later celebrated the first global membership meeting in Washington. It was founded in response to a lack of awareness among political leaders of tourism and travel’s importance for factors such as job creation and impact on national economies. Its first president was James Robinson III (Executive Director of American Express) and early on, figures such as Henry Kissinger took a leading role in setting the group’s objectives.

Since then, the WTTC has continued to grow in members and influence. This year the 15th Global Summit will arrive in Madrid. Previous editions focused on topics such as the implications of growing population on the Travel and Tourism industry (2013 Abu Dhabi Summit), or the industry´s capacity to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and preserve cultures and resources for future generations (2014 Hainan Summit).


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