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Hotel Breakfasts Around The World

For me, one of the most exciting things about travelling is the different foods you can enjoy, and, more specifically, the different breakfasts that you can experience. International hotels will almost always offer a standard meal of toast and cereals, but, if you’re lucky, this will often be served alongside more traditional fare. Here are […]

Because You’re Worth It

By nh hoteles | 16:31

Mirror mirror on the wall… We asked our local gelotologist about how important it was to start and end your day with a smile. Their response… well… it made us smile! A smile makes you beautiful. It’s scientifically proven that a smile will attract others and make you more physically attractive to them. Below, we’ve […]

Fame Hotel

By nh hoteles | 9:32

For this blog I am very happy to say that we bring news from Tinsletown. But hang on, I’m not talking about Hollywood, but the more distinguished Dutch Television Network SBS 6! For almost a year now a few NH Hotels have been the setting of one of the most watched reality television programs in […]

NH Welcomes Aliens

By nh hoteles | 18:29

If any of you have flown to Amsterdam before, I bet the plane ride was a bit dull. Easyjet aren’t known for their exceptional in-flight entertainment packages! I mean I know people like to read, but those emergency cards aren’t that entertaining. They should say “In case of emergency adopt the brace position once you’ve […]