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NH Hotels will  donate 20,000 euros to this cause plus 3 euros for every euro donated by its employees and customers. When faced with a catastrophe such as this, we often ask: Why them? Why this country? As you know, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and is in need of our help. It […]

It´s party time!

It’s party time around the world so that must mean only one thing… CARNIVAL! Inclusive of vibrant colours, fancy dress, music, dancing, scrumptious food and parades, carnival celebrations have been taking place for hundreds of years  in places such as South America, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean. With its origins dating right back to Ancient Greece, where festivals were […]

NH Hoteles in love

By admin | 16:35

Warning…if soppy and romantic is not your thing, DO NOT read this article, we mean it, click away now! Unlike some, here at NH we are suckers for love, and with St Valentine’s Day looming upon us what better way to celebrate it than with another amazing NH Blog article? Valentines Day is celebrated by […]

Feel the music with NH Hoteles

For all you musical fanatics out there NH Hoteles is offering you the chance to stay 2 nights, in one of our participating Berlin Hotels with breakfast and a fantastic musical thrown in, all from just 149,50€! Select from one of the following great musicals as your evening entertainment: –“Der Schuch des Manitu” showing at […]