Monthly Archives: September 2010

Your pic for NH Hotels promotions!

By admin | 12:53

The birth and evolution of social media has greatly changed how we communicate. Each day, more and more companies are enjoying an active presence on larger social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… This channel of communication can achieve a positive result when messages are spread in a viral manner; therefore reaching many people and making […]

Crazy Chairs

By admin | 11:21

Keeping to the theme of weird and wonderful furniture, it only seems appropriate to continue onto crazy chairs! Some of these definitely would not be comfortable and the designers really have gone to town with these, but sometimes it’s just about style! Who wants a simple armchair when you can have one of these…? The […]

Crazy Toilets

By admin | 16:57

Ok so you’ve seen the crazy beds AND the crazy baths, so now it’s time for the crazy toilets! And there are definitely some weird ones out there! From eco friendly to just pure glamorous, there’s a toilet out there to suit everyone. Have a look at what the world has to offer… The Super […]