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And the winner is…

It’s the moment of truth, again! For the second time we want to thank you all your participation on this second edition of our Wake Up Pics contest. We have seen amazing images full of creativity and Wake Up attitude but, unfortunately, only three of them can be the winners.

The beginning of things, a “zero instant”, the enthusiasm you feel when facing new projects… all of them are Wake Up moments. Participating images must had been taken with Instagram and shared labelled with the hashtag #WakeUpPics.

Edinburgh International Festival

The creation and celebration of this festival dates back to 1947, just after the World War II, and it was born to encourage, enrich and to revive cultural life in Europe. It was also created to alleviate tension during the postwar era and improve international relationships by bringing together the best European performers. Established by Rudolf Bing, the festival takes places every summer and it lasts for three weeks. There have only been nine art directors so far: Rudolf Bing, Ian Hunter, Robert Ponsonby, the 7th Earl of Harewood, Peter Diamond, John Drummond, Frank Dunlop, Brian McMaster and Jonathan Mills.

#WakeUpPics contest II

It is quite likely that many of you have already heard about our #WakeUpPics contest. But, people enjoyed so much that we have no choice but to share the story of the contest with all of you on our blog in case you didn’t know it!

The #Wakeuppics contest was born from the Wake Up spirit of NH Hoteles. At this point you might be thinking: “right, and what is the Wake Up spirit we are talking about? Easy! Our #WakeUpAttitude is optimism, is being eager to approach new projects, is starting new things… and ultimately it is having a positive attitude towards life!

5 Unusual Restaurants

Innovation has no limits, no barriers. Innovation is about creating or finding ideas, selecting, implementing and commercializing them. The process of innovation goes from idea generation, through validation test to final product or service. And this applies to any discipline: medicine, architecture, design… even cooking!

In the past few years, a new form of tourism focusing on the cuisine of your destination has emerged. Travelers are dedicated to locating local places to eat and are eager to experience exciting, culinary adventures.