Monthly Archives: August 2011

3 cocktails, 3 cities: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona

There are many different ways to travel around the world. Some people do it by bike. Some others fly and there are a few that even walk it! However, we have found a different and more refreshing way to take you all around the globe… We invite you to discover your favourite destination travelling from cocktail to cocktail!

5 ice bars from all around the world

You probably have already heard of ice bars around the world. Initially, this trendy and icing type of bars used to be exclusive from north European cities, and just Scandinavian citizens could go there to dive into the igloo’s lifestyle. Now, it seems that this gelid bars are getting more and more popular every day and they have arrived to the hottest cities around the world. Do you fancy some freezing action? Don’t forget your gloves and go for it!

A “recycled” temple: Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew

In Thailand, glass bottles believe in reincarnation and some who became an extraordinary Buddhist temple. We have recently heard about this amazing construction and we are still speechless. This Buddhist temple is located in the city of Khun Han, about 400 miles northeast of Bangkok and near the Cambodian border. It is best known in their language as Wat Lan Kuada which means, roughly, the temple made of millions of bottles.

Lighting the night by kicking the ball!

As soon as some original, simple and inspiring “thing” arrives at our office, we feel the urgent need to directly share it with you. Today, we would like to feature “Sockket“, an initiative that could provide light to those in need by having fun with a ball. As his smart slogan states: playing now, we […]

This summer, a fully eco-trip experience!

We are all in a summer mood, simply thinking of being somewhere else but the office. Some lucky ones will be enjoying some time off and the luckiest, are about to lift up their luggage in a few days. Some of the world´s favorite places will soon be crowded with travelers, backpackers and any kind of tourist. It is know that the impact on the local environment is, much more inconvenient in the summer period. So, with our minds dreaming aways, we would like to share with you some tips on how to plan a fully eco-trip experience. We cannot wait! Let´s pack up.

And Name Your Room winner is…

Just a short update to let you know that “Name your room” contest has come to the end! And now it is time to announce the lucky winner who is going to be enjoy the trip to his chosen destination. We are talking about Stefan Hummel from Germany who named his room on one of the brand new NH Queretaro’s doors, in México.