Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ada and Giovanni, volunteering abroad

Some weeks ago we published the story of Ada and Giovanni, two NH hoteles’ employeeswho went to Ethiopia on an international corporate volunteering programme. Now that they are back and settled again in their countries, we have had the chance to have a little interview with them. Ada and Giovanni took part on a project […]

FITUR 2012: all about persons

  Once again, we will be taking part in FITUR, which it is a real pleasure for us. FITUR is the Spanish international tourism fair and it is held annually at Fair Institution of Madrid, IFEMA, Spain, for five days in January (from today January the 18th until next Sunday the 22nd). In FITUR, pavilions […]

Learning at Tigray

Today’s post is very important to us. We have been supporting and promoting volunteering programmes for a while now, but this is the first time we have had the opportunity to participate in an international volunteering project: the Adgoro Lodge hotel project in Tigray, Ethiopia.