Monthly Archives: June 2012

Organic urban farming: success cases around the world and tips to grow your own edible garden

By Sergio González | 11:05

Organic grown vegetables and livestock beating conventional farming in points such as nutrients density or taste are absolutely out of the question; lots of studies regarding this matter have been conducted to prove so and will continue as passion for organic healthy food is declining  as a trend and is becoming a true way of living, […]

Farmville for real: businesses and community projects

By Sergio González | 13:04

Since its realease in June 2009, Facebook’s Farmville has become one the most successful online games ever, with more than one million users getting caught every week at its peak times, reflecting the romantic idea of farming is well placed in the minds of urbanites.  Nowadays, its popularity has started to decrease but some entrepreneurs […]

Food and Wine Apps: ease your way to deliciousness

By Sergio González | 10:30

  Eating is primary and needed every single day of our lives and, reaching this point in the 21th century, so are smartphones. Not a single moment in our day-to-day lives goes by without us taking a quick glance at the little screen in our hand. Whether we are working or just checking our mates’ […]

New NH Hoteles Blog Welcoming

By Sergio González | 12:56

  We would like to give you a grand welcome to our fresh brand new blog! Spic-and-span design, revised content and everything you asked us for; we have listened and here comes the result with the only aim to be in better touch with you and share whatever interesting things are going on in our […]