Monthly Archives: September 2012

Historic royal palaces. A tale for two

By Sergio González | 16:15

Two historic royal palaces with two matching NH 5 stars hotels to welcome the fall. If you’re the king, you simply don’t expect less than the best. Palacio Real de Oriente Among the many impressive royal sites that can be found in Spain –from the Moorish court of Alhambra to the fairy-tale Alcazar in Segovia– […]

Warming things up for the Davis Cup’s semifinals

By Sergio González | 10:05

From the 14th to 16th of September, Spain and the USA will play the Davis Cup’s semifinals sponsored by NH Hoteles. These two teams have faced each other the past ten times, an equilibrated 5 to 5 has tied up the score. Both seem encouraged to play it off and win a place for the […]

Meeting Karim Rashid, nhow Berlin designer

By Sergio González | 10:20

  Karim Rashid is a profilic artist –more than 3000 original crafts are credited to this industrial designer– awarded every year worldwide for his bold creations. Karim is one of those geniuses that simply spends all his time putting his inspiration to work to always dream beyond. Born in Egypt but raised and educated in UK, […]

The Silk Road, a unique adventure in Central Asia

By Sergio González | 12:29

The Silk Road employed Alexander the Great, the Persian Royal Road and the powerful Han Empire in China to become the most profitable trade route in history. Bringing together every culture from the East China Sea to the Mediterranean, fresh ideas, philosophies and The Four Great Inventions of China -papermaking, printing, gunpowder and compass- traveled […]

Get ready for fall fashion Week!

By Sergio González | 11:29

Fall fashion is here ready to help us move towards autumn with old and new ideas and more fashion trends than ever. Let’s go shopping in the top four fashion capitals of the world. Paris is the home of haute couture and the most refined and respected houses in fashion world. Chanel or Dior ateliers […]

Hot air balloons, bird’s-eye views of our world

By Sergio González | 10:20

  The Montgolfier brothers were the first in designing a successful manned hot air balloon ride-an ornamented airship with a grandma’s curtain pattern look- after noticing a sheet rising by the updrafts of a chimney in their father’s paper-factory. The year was 1783 and the location Paris. The first use given to Montgolfier’s balloon was […]

Jamaica, the backdrop of a movie scene

By Sergio González | 10:15

Until the arrival of Columbus, the Arawakan tribe living in Xaymaca –Land of Wood and Water– hunted and fished to survive. Living in a peaceful paradise, these people were gentle and trusting. Spanish colonization of Jamaica matches perfectly the cliché of naive natives welcoming and embracing their future tyrans. A recurrent scene in many movies […]

#NHDavisCup: Sharing your passion has a prize!

By Courtney Imel | 13:47

With NH Hoteles sharing your passion with your favorite tennis players now has a prize! To celebrate  the Davis Cup, we are conducting a draw where you can win a double ticket to the Davis Cup Playoffs! Participating is very easy, all you have to do is share your message of support with the players. […]

The Way of St. James horseback riding

By Sergio González | 10:28

The pope Alexander III –who still struggles with the construction of Notre Dame in Paris– has just confirmed to all Christendom that the Jubilee in Compostela is as forgiving as the ones in Rome and Jerusalem. Anyone who makes the Way and enters Santiago de Compostela Cathedral when the day of St. James -25th of […]

Marbella glamour and its endless nights

By Sergio González | 10:30

Marbella is where the disgustingly rich fortunes meet every summer season. American billonaire geeks from high-tech industry share the coast with some oil-sheiks and the heir to the Arabian throne. The same shores German Aristocracy and many deposed but still influent European royal families have chosen to live, among some Russian giants from gas and […]