Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ada Pérez: Learning at Tigray Project

By Courtney Imel | 17:14

Today we will meet a very special person who has lived a great solidarity adventure in Africa through NH Hoteles and the NGO Manos Unidas. Ada Pérez began working at NH Hoteles in 1997 when she was just 18 years old.  She started as a trainee and then worked as a receptionist in some hotels. Nowadays she […]

UP! for Opportunities: Sprint project

By Sergio González | 11:20

  Today we are meeting David, Kevin, Wellington, Odei and Rebeca, five young Spaniards whose lives are about to change thanks to a long-term CSR commitment.  The past 8th of October NH Hoteles, with its charity partners Fundación Tomillo and the Barclays Foundation signed a cooperation agreement to offer real job opportunities at our hotels for […]

Halloween for foreigners

By Sergio González | 15:05

Rihanna’s I hate that I love you could have easily been inspired by world’s opinion towards USA. Anywhere in the world, you can find people who objects about America but does it in jeans while holding a coke in their hand. We all tend to keep an eye on whatever Americans are doing but if […]

Ecology and mass media

By Sergio González | 13:12

 The Fourth Estate -journalism that is used to be a monopole for powerful media corporations or bold entrepreneurs who couldn’t help pursuing their dreams, but we all know we are living just the beginning of the greatest change in information and communications since the first human writings appeared in Sumer 5000 years ago. Not only […]

Sharing is caring! 100% electric car-sharing program at NH Viapol in Seville

By Courtney Imel | 13:23

Have you ever visited the charming city of Seville? If you haven’t been, we’re sure you’ve heard your globetrotter friends mention it a one time or another. Located in in the autonomous community of Andalusia in the South of Spain, it currently tops the list of being  one of the most beloved and unforgettable destinations in the […]

Everyday eco-social initiatives mean everything

By Sergio González | 10:58

When it comes to save our planet, you don’t have to be an eco-fighter, you can get by with very simple actions. Everyday eco-social initiatives can bring you more benefits than expected. There’s no need to trade your entire closet for green fabrics but avoiding the most pollutant dyes and brands that treat employees like […]

Rise and shine with the antiOx Breakfast

By Courtney Imel | 10:30

Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day and for that reason at NH Hoteles we believe that there is a difference between starting the day and starting the day off well. Inline with our commitment to offer our guests premium and innovative cuisine we left it in the hands of […]

Your home, a future eco-warrior

By Sergio González | 13:10

Earth’s climate is changing, no one can deny this. Our planet is getting warmer and warmer every day but, as pleasant as an extended summer may feel, scientists have been strongly warning us against the fatal consequences a minimum temperature raise will bring. We’ve been bad boys, but truth is the whole solar system temperature […]

Technologies that transform the hotel business: Don’t let them pass you by

By David Giner | 10:30

Making a projection on new technologies evolution in hospitality industry is something hard to pin point but we can state that hotels have been one of the pioneer tourism subsections, along intermediation, in new technologies adoption since their appearance in the 60’s. Hotels have been the best performers -whether operationally or strategically- to optimize media […]

Going social pays off for NH

By Sergio González | 10:32

The benefits of laughter were already appreciated and recorded in Ancient Greece. Aristotle and Hippocrates -the father of Western medicine- recommended long laughing to the ill as an essential part of any treatment. When we laugh, all our face and body move. Four hundred muscles in our face produce tons of electric impulses that are […]