Monthly Archives: November 2012

Who do we love? Most social-trendy celebrities

By Sergio González | 12:36

Unlike surveys, following somebody’s tweets or being a Facebook fan comes spontaneously from ourselves, there’s no apparent constraint from rather the interviewer or the questions themselves,  so maybe we can say that  Big Brother and the little bird know some pretty interesting things about us. offers daily updates of the top 100 followed people, […]

Music for the Himalayas

By Sergio González | 12:23

  A warm fire, nice company and a hot chocolate -with a touch of brandy, following is grandma’s advice and always optional- can be the perfect end to a ski afternoon, but if you add some good live music to the mix you’re weekend break away up scales to those quality moments everybody seems to […]

Streaming music for online runways

By Sergio González | 10:30

The cost of a fashion catwalk show can vary from $60,000, for an average one outside the main fashion weeks, to several millions if you’re looking for the biggest show of the season. Top-models’ fees and renting a 18th century palace can turn the bill into a really fat one. Still, every designer wants their […]

When concrete can can-can

By Sergio González | 14:50

Do you live in a square house? I do, and also 99% of people I guess. Square rooms, square doors, square walls and square everything. Some cool architects and designers think it’s high time for things to change. Going all straight and square up can make your life tighten too much so you’ll risk to […]

Rythm and style below the Equator

By Sergio González | 10:30

Europe, North America and the rest of Northern Hemisphere is at the point of entering the year’s coldest season and you can feel it, not only in the air but also in people’s mood. We are becoming lazier as the Sun does too and going out on a Friday night seems less appealing when thermometer […]

The breakdown of social media for sales

By Lola Buendía | 10:15

The tourism sector has been strongly influenced by the explosion of online marketing and social media. For the last years, marketers have been trying to find the best way to generate tangible revenue from corporate social network pages and profiles. However, there are still some doubts about the potential of social media to generate sales […]