Monthly Archives: January 2013

Meet Agnese Eva Montecchi, NH Hoteles’ most passionate photographer!

By Courtney Imel | 11:02

The month is coming to a close, leaving behind one our most dynamic and compelling monthly themes Photography behind us. At NH Hoteles we can’t get enough of the many dimentions and concepts the field of photography has offer and the fact that snapshots and memories of travel experiences are ones to be treasured forever. In other […]

Digital photography basics

By Sergio González | 11:53

Can you recall the last time you shared your holiday photos by handling pieces of paper? We actually shared pictures. It seems like ages even though it wasn’t so long ago. It’s just that the digital revolution met cameras quickly and deeply and nowadays we all carry a mini-photographer inside, willing to explore the potential […]

Instagram: A play by play of your life

By Sergio González | 18:20

Instagram started as an iPhone application but soon after its foundation in October 2010 it was also available for other Apple devices. Android users had to wait until April 2012, the moment it was purchased by Facebook, and in 2013 they’re expected to take it to the web, though sites such as Webstagram or Statigram have already […]

Bird’s eye view! The art behind aerial photography

By Sergio González | 12:23

Chances are that if you’re reading this post you live in a city, as most of us do. It’s also quite possible you love visiting other major cities as soon as you have some free time. Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend break in Berlin, London or New York? Once you’re there, obviously some pics will […]

Art, Design & Photograhy, Oh my! Exhibitions at NH Hoteles

By Courtney Imel | 11:15

The opportunity for unique, ever-changing experiences is not one to be missed,  and for that reason at NH Hoteles we believe that art and design form an important part of the nhow experience. From classical to modern trends in art, design and photography,  we look back at some of the coolest exhibitions held at the nhow […]

Photo tampering, it’s as old as photography itself!

By Sergio González | 11:42

Manipulating a photograph to make it less real-looking and closer to matching the  interests and feelings we wish to promote in the observer is as old as photography itself, but Photoshop’s impact has been so huge that from its creation on, airbrushing is called photoshopping.  Not having this awesome tool by themselves didn’t stop the […]

Just pin it! The Pinterest invasion

By Sergio González | 11:26

Pinterest is here! It has invaded us in a flash, frightening photo websites as a deep voiced Orson Wells did while he scared a 1930’s audience with The War of the Worlds. Pinterest can be proud to have achieved one of the fastest and some of the most coveted milestones in the social media world, such […]

Future photography and beyond

By Sergio González | 11:32

Phoneography -which is taking photos with a smartphone- is supposed to be the major shift in photography since its very invention but there are other predictions we can take a look at to figure out what the new technology in photography will bring to our lives. How many great photos have found their way into […]

Miniturize your world with tilt shift photography

By Sergio González | 12:14

  They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not only our perception of beauty may be changed and is subject to interpretation and influence, the eye, the position from which we observe, plays the same important role. Tilt shift photography can be described as faking miniaturization because that’s mainly what it […]

Why travel the world? Experience it with Google Maps Photo Tours!

By Sergio González | 11:14

This economic crisis keeps on challenging us everyday, making us eager to look for better deals and a better use for our money. We’ve been forced to cut down some expenditures and our traveling has become shorter and more domestic, though we keep on doing it as much as we can. We may not afford […]