Monthly Archives: January 2013

Enjoy the views! Dreamy panoramas from NH Hoteles

By Courtney Imel | 11:15

Have you ever been swept away by a breathtaking view? Perhaps a lush green landscape panorama, a multi-colored  fluorescent sunset or an instantaneous rainbow through grey clouds. I think we would all agree that the true beauty of nature can be enjoyed to the fullest from destinations with immense views. An unforgettable view can’t happen just […]

Photo printing innovation

By Sergio González | 11:39

  As our world gets more and more virtual, photography experts worldwide are pointing out the changes the digital era is bringing to photography as an artistic representation of reality, trying to grasp the vast ocean of possibilities technology is opening. Some claim that since it’s no longer needed to shoot every part of the […]

Where would you travel just for the photos?

By Sergio González | 11:15

Suvarnabhumi airport was the most Instagrammed picture of 2012 and Siam Paragon Mall was second, both in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s not that these buildings don’t deserve a pic but surely most of us wouldn’t cross the world to see them live; Times Square or Victoria Falls are far better at fueling our travel dreams. If […]

Capture your WakeUp moment and share it! #WakeUpPics

By Courtney Imel | 11:15

Has a photo ever inspired you to go traveling? Start a new adventure? Photos that simply put a smile on your face and put you in a good mood for the rest of the day? Those are Wake Up moments!  We want to give you a warm welcome to the third edition of #WakeUpPics contest […]

Landscape photography: What you need to know

By Sergio González | 12:29

No matter how good you were last 2012 and how pro the camera is you accordingly got for Christmas, to capture the feelings and emotions you experience when shooting natural landscapes, not only mega-pixels and focus lenses are needed.  Our eyes will stop naturally at the most beautiful spot or scenery around but to pass […]

Augmented reality: The future or just a craze?

By Sergio González | 14:11

  Augmented reality is so simple and mind-blowing that it seems to belong to a far away future century, but it’s here to stay and improving every single day.  With AR, the real world gets improved by computer generated graphics and all sorts of useful info, displayed on your smartphone, tablet, car’s windshield or glasses. […]

Best photo apps to bring out the photographer in all of us!

By Sergio González | 11:15

We might love sharing our thoughts and feelings on social media platforms, but if we look at Pinterest statistics, millions of unique visitors are learning about it each month which means 2012 has left us with a growing interest in photography.  All odds point to the fact that you probably you have a smartphone -you actually […]

Iconic shots: Photos that changed the world

By Sergio González | 12:07

The word photography comes from two different ancient Greek words, photos (light) and graphé (drawn by lines), composing a final “drawn by light”. A free extrapolation of its etymology let us know one of the main purposes of photography, creating light where there is darkness. 

2012 in 12 photos

By Sergio González | 13:44

As the avalability of smartphones and tablets grow, our interest in high definition pictures is becoming more and more important, because a thousand words will never tell us as much as a picture. This comes directly from our evolution; when we lived in the wild, we only had one second to decide, based on our […]