Monthly Archives: February 2013

True Hollywood Story: Where it all began

By Sergio González | 11:40

As it happened with photography, cinema was not created by just one man but the addition of several different attempts, though Thomas Edison had the patent of the best working device, the kinetoscope. He was able to develop a commercial version in 1894, which became an overnight success in New York.

Gala logistics! Designing efficient glamour

By Sergio González | 10:03

Figures coming from the Oscars are as impressive as it corresponds to a Hollywood star-system but, is this one night event profitable? The Academy Awards gala in Los Angeles is by far the more expensive and luxurious in the world, but it pays off. Eating $38,00 worth just in white truffles may seem like a […]

The Golden Age of Hollywood

By Sergio González | 11:21

Before reading this post, we propose you to take part in a little game: How many actors and actresses from The Golden Age of Hollywood can you name? Look at the pictures and check out your answers at the end. The Golden Age of Hollywood when all the classic films and master acting that modern […]

Keep your eye out for these upcoming blockbusters

By Sergio González | 13:27

  We are about to enter the time of the year when most films are released so let’s have a look on what this high season is bringing to decide what we’ll be watching soon. One of the most expected blockbusters is Spielberg’s  ‘Robocalypse’, whose name says it all: we create robots in a near […]

Lights, camera, action! NH Hoteles film sets

By Courtney Imel | 10:12

Have you ever dreamt of walking right onto a film set? Our very own NH Hoteles have played the backdrop to many films and have showcased numerous personalities from the world of cinema. Movie buffs and enthusiastic travelers can now relive the scenes from their favorite films at our hotels, so pay attention as we reveal […]

From silver to digital, a ‘photographic film’ story

By Sergio González | 11:57

We are used to forcing our minds to remember that it wasn’t Berninni but Michelangelo who sculpted that madonna and that Mr. Bell invented the telephone, though it’s not as useful or accurate as you might think. The invention of the telephone is officially attributed to Antonio Meucci since 2002 and sculptors designed their creations […]

Emerging film festivals

By Sergio González | 12:02

Cannes Film Festival is as chic and sophisticated as the beautiful city where it’s held. Berlin is the perfect market for film-making entrepreneurs and Venice is fascinating Italian design and art applied to cinematography.Very cool film festivals we all, film lovers and not, should attend at least once in a lifetime, but they are not […]

Trapped in augmented reality!

By Sergio González | 12:50

  Oh, the world of dreaming: what if…, if only… the virtually endless possibilities of the human imagination have been growing in our minds since the very beginning of our existence and define us very much as a specie. Actually, our ability to think abstractly and not just language is what make us so special among […]

Glitz and Glam! Behind the world’s best award shows

By Sergio González | 12:30

Glamour is one of those few words able to knock down language barriers and penetrate equally in every spoken language in the world. Its etymology should be traced back until old Scottish, were it meant ‘magic, enchantment, spell…’every little thing you put into a potion to make it hocus-pocuscent and supernatural. It was popularized by […]

All you need is love! Romantic film destinations

By Courtney Imel | 13:16

Have you ever fell in love with a film? Everyone loves a great love story, and most would agree that watching our most beloved destinations on the big screen is sure to get even the most faint-hearted dreaming of their next romantic escape. Take a look at some of these dreamy film destinations that have […]