Monthly Archives: March 2013

Music on stream?

No matter how cool and retro an old 8-tracks may be, you’d never take it with you on a trip; try to fit in your 55x40x22 cm hand luggage. We all travel free of heavy music players but with no worries since we know that we can access our music anywhere, anytime. At least wherever […]

Valentina and Pietro, two NH Friends that Rock n’ Roll!

By Sergio González | 11:03

Today we’ll meet two very interesting people who are absolute music lovers and also happen to form part of the NH family in Italy.  Both of them work at some of the most stylish hotels in Italy and being surrounded by art and design everyday, does wonders to improve and stimulate their own natural passion […]

Jam & Enjoy with the best Jazz Clubs!

  Jazz was born at the end of 19th century in the USA, based on European influences but with a strong self-character that makes it unique and one of the most interesting music styles. Swing, improvisation and performers’ personal phrasing and sound give Jazz the touch that makes it so popular in America and also […]

On tour! Feel like a groupie

By Sergio González | 11:04

Who hasn’t ever dreamt about following their favorite bands on tour, being with them at all times and seeing them everyday? Well, actually, there are people who do that and we call them groupies. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, groupie was first used as a word in 1966 and most probably because of Miss Pamela (Pamela […]

Vinyls, 8-tracks & cassettes, more than just memories!

By Sergio González | 15:25

YouTube, Spotify, iTunes or VEVO are names that meant nothing years ago, when vinyl, 8-tracks and cassettes were all rage. Let’s take a look back!    Vinyl records seem a thing of a far past, something your grandparents have at home, although they have survived cassettes and 8-tracks and have continued to be produced until […]

NH Hoteles: 1st hotel chain in the world to receive GBTA gold medal in sustainability!

By Courtney Imel | 10:18

As you may already know, Corporate Social Responsibility is an important ascendant to NH Hoteles and we think it’s time to Wake Up to a Better World! We believe that every little bit counts when it comes to improving the environment and for that reason we are delighted and honored to announce that we have just been awarded the Global […]

Keep an ear out! Best music festivals of 2013

By Sergio González | 10:05

The 21st century music industry is yet to be defined and we are living through a changing period that started when Mrs. Music met Mr. Digital in the early 80’s. The entertainment business is one of the largest ones and there is a lot of pressure from every part to get it their own way, […]

Belén Raya, NH Hoteles’ very own vocalist!

By Courtney Imel | 10:55

In this dynamic and rhythmic monthly theme of music, we have had the wonderful opportunity to interview some of our very own employees that also dedicate their lives to many different genres of music. The chance to discover the passion and excitement behind what drives these musicians is something unique and well worth discovering.  Today we […]

Salzburg and Mozart, no ordinary love

By Sergio González | 11:17

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on a cold January morning in the independent Archbishopric of Salzburg in 1756, when every king and queen from St. James’s Palace in London to the court at the Winter Palace of Saint Petersburg wanted a piece of the nearby Austrian art. Actually, they competed each other in this matter […]

Time for a Spring Break with NH Hoteles!

By Sergio González | 11:47

The weather gods and goddesses, are in the mood to let us enjoy the open air sooner, ‘Spring is coming’. Sorry for the Starks but ‘winter is leaving’ and we couldn’t be happier. March has decided to bloom and appears like May all across the Northern Hemisphere where tiny but firm  sprouts are breaking through […]