Monthly Archives: March 2013

I sold my soul to Rock n’ Roll!

By Sergio González | 10:38

Elvis Presley is considered the King of Rock n’ Roll but we should know why because not only he ‘created’ rock n’ roll but also changed the way the young understand music. Until Elvis made his apparition in the musical scene, young people used to listen to the same music their parents did and parties […]

Taking it to the streets! A busker’s story

By Sergio González | 11:12

A busker’s story, playing their hearts and souls out from the forum in Rome to the Washington DC subway. Performing music in the streets was the sole way music players had to make a living before theatres, electricity and recording started in the 19th century. Since the antiquity, they would wander villages and aristocratic courts […]

NH Hoteles collaborates in launching a Hotel School in Ethiopia

By Courtney Imel | 11:42

Today we will meet a very special person who has lived a great solidarity adventure in Africa through NH Hoteles and the NGO Manos Unidas. Ada Pérez began working at NH Hoteles in 1997 when she was just 18 years old.  She started as a trainee and then worked as a receptionist in some hotels. Nowadays she works as a front […]

You play what you love! Iconic guitars and their players

By Sergio González | 11:13

It is said that guitarists have a special relationship with their instruments -Stevie Ray Vaughan named his ‘My Wife’- but B.B. King’s guitar boasts the best guitar-love story ever. In 1949 he was giving a concert in Arkansas when the dance hall burst on fire. But Mr. King came back in to rescue his beloved […]

The time has come! Discover the #WakeUpPics III Edition Winners!

By Courtney Imel | 11:42

How often in your day do you spot moments that remind you of the beginning of things? How new projects arise? Things that come to your mind, make you smile, and encourage you to address your day to day with enthusiasm and desire to do things? Those are WakeUp moments! At NH Hoteles we firmly believe […]

Future musical instruments

By Sergio González | 11:02

  Few other things define better a culture than its music but the instruments used to play it are one of those. Flamenco couldn’t be understood without a Spanish guitar as well as rock would have never been born if Rickenbackers -the first electric guitars- had not been developed in California in 1931. Going to […]

Healing music for your body & soul

By Sergio González | 11:25

It’s amazing that 2,500 years ago the Greek philosopher Socrates realized that the more he learnt, the more he learnt how little he knew. We look back at Ancient History and learn it as if it were actual history but the truth is we know so little about our ancestors’ world that we tend to […]

On the road again! Best travel songs

By Sergio González | 11:55

  If we are going to talk about the most inspiring travel songs first of all we should know whether we mean the coolest tracks to play while on the road or the music that is able to make us dream over and over about that place we can’t get out of our head. Perhaps they’re […]