Monthly Archives: April 2013

Spring Efficiency: 3 simple ways to make the future even brighter!

By Sergio González | 10:11

Do you like Spring? Are you enjoying its fresh air and the arrival of new blooming flowers everywhere? Sure you do! We all need to spend some time in nature, but if you want it to last and to be even better than next year, here is a 3-step resolution on how to be make […]

Emilio Suero, April Fair passion!

By Courtney Imel | 11:57

Every year, the Andalusian city of Seville gets turned upside down with one of the largest and internationally known fairs in Spain. April Fair or Feria de Abril, in Spanish, usually begins two weeks after Holy Week is celebrated, with dates ranging anywhere from the lasts weeks of April until the first weeks of May. The fair […]

Spring flavor!

By Courtney Imel | 11:45

Spring is in full bloom, with longer days, shorter nights, and best of all warmer weather. One of the best things about this time of the year  is getting the chance to enjoy fresh spring products and ingredients that will make you dishes flourish with flavors. So out with the heavy winter dishes and in […]

Can’t wait for the summer? Hit the Tropics with NH

By Sergio González | 10:43

One of the best things about Spring is that Summer is around the corner but if you can’t wait until the summer solstice to happen, you can ‘provoke’ it by travelling to the Tropics and getting your summer under way. Actually it would be great if you feel like a getaway because right now it’s […]

Get going: Extreme Outdoor Sports

By Sergio González | 10:32

We have been cozying around for a way-too-long this winter and it’s about time we get rid of this inactivity. Put blankets and furry sleepers aside and get ready to get going with some extreme outdoor sports. They get this name to make them sound cool and edgy but actually anyone can go kayaking or […]

We can’t get enough! 10 things we love about Spring

By Sergio González | 11:54

For the last couple of days we’ve been finally experiencing some warm weather in Europe and one of the first things we feel like doing when temperatures get milder is renovate our wardrobe. Fashion’s new arrivals are hot, and number one on our top 10 things we love about Spring.

A hole in one! NH Hoteles & golf

By Courtney Imel | 10:15

Some of the best things about this season are enjoying the fresh Spring air, warm weather, and most of all spending some time outdoors. The sport of golf is one of the most cherished and prestigious sports and the game is recognized and played in many countries all over the world. Besides being a great […]

Life’s a picnic!

By Sergio González | 10:15

We usually regard picnics as the low cost alternative to restaurants or just a quick way to fill up our belly but they are a whole experience by themselves, full of opportunities to have fun if you follow some simple steps to let yourself go and be creative. First of all, don’t pack junk food, […]

In Bloom! Namaqualand, the African Provenza

By Sergio González | 10:24

A few days ago we talked about the vibrant lavender fields in the French province of Provence but we didn’t tell you it has a sister region in South Africa, otherwise known as, Namaqualand. Namaqualand is a huge region located between South Africa and Namibia, divided by River Orange into Great and Little Namaqualand, the […]

Get your wheels spinning with these road trips!

By Sergio González | 11:23

Whether you got a break during last spring break or not, all odds are that you’ll like to go on a holiday again. After Spring Break holidays, “I didn’t want to come back” is the most heard phrase at work places or whenever you meet your friends. Cure your itch to travel with these international […]