Monthly Archives: April 2013

Take a hike!

By Sergio González | 10:21

As weather gets milder our impulse to jump into the wild grows stronger and there is no better way to satisfy it than taking your friends for a hike for a few days. Yes, there’s life beyond the city and it’s infinite; we’re sure you won’t miss the neon lights too much! You can do […]

Top Blossoming Flowers in Europe

By Sergio González | 10:17

Europe is slowly entering into a lavish Spring blossom this 2013. Rains have been heavy throughout this winter season and our Spring is expected to be a-amazing this year, so don’t waste any more time in front of your computer and get outside and live the feeling of forever young.  Today we bring you five […]

Get moving! Energizing Spring songs

By Sergio González | 11:17

What should we ask from a ‘Top 10 Spring songs’ list? Spring is complex and so are the feelings it can bring to us. We may feel a little melancholic about Spring exhausting side effects but willing to be powerful and we also may love the bucolic naive blossoming happening around us, which reminds us […]

In bloom! Spring welcoming traditions

By Sergio González | 10:48

We may consider Spring cleaning a tradition that our families started, exclusively for us and especially for our bedrooms, although the tradition goes back many years. So ancient, it’s in our DNA; there’s no way to escape it. Clearing up our minds by burning old stuff represents some kind of renewal and closure while we […]

Get Ready! Cool things that only happen in spring

By Sergio González | 10:25

As if Spring wasn’t cool enough on its own, this season comes along with amazing natural phenomena and cool events that will make it even better. If you already were lucky enough to go somewhere nice during Easter, consider this your plan B. If you didn’t, our Spring Break offers are still on!

Flower Power: Best flower festivals around the world!

By Sergio González | 10:57

Call us naïve, romantic or just green lovers but Spring is here once again and among all the cool things that it’s bringing, the blooming of nature is clearly on top. Walking around a blossoming city garden can do wonders for our health -mind spring allergies- and also feed our spirit, but many people think […]

Spring Fever: Why we love this season so much!

By Sergio González | 12:22

We’ve been on this planet for a lot of time, enough for our bodies to get perfectly  in sync with the natural environment we live in and of which we are a part of. Spring fever is nothing but our natural reaction -all about hormones- to a phenomenal cosmic event; Earth’s translation movement around the […]