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Why we love Parisian architecture

By Sergio González | 10:36

There are buildings, from now on ‘monuments’, able to drag millions of tourists from every corner of the world and to define a whole city. And no other place like Paris, which was carried out by the stubborness of two fine gentlemen. In Paris, the second most-visited city in 2012 according to Master-Card, there are […]

Take a dip! Best NH pools around the world

By Courtney Imel | 10:48

Summer is just around the corner and there is no better time than now to cool off and relax at some of our most incredible pools around the world. Dive in and discover these five best NH pools we have to offer! Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi  The Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi in Amalfi Coast has […]

Architectural flaws from the past or modern day jewels?

By Sergio González | 11:42

Who built the Tower of Pisa has never settled but a bunch of coincidences made it possible to still stand. This leaning ode to poor planning in historical structures was started in 1172, a time of wealth and splendor in Pisa, as the campanile -bell tower- that had to attract parishioners to Santa Maria Assunta […]

Have you ever slept in a palace?

By Sergio González | 11:59

Have you ever slept in a palace? If not, just do it -it’s something we all deserve at least once in life. Easier said than done, sleeping in a castle or a palace may be a little difficult unless you are friends with royalty or read this post about some of our very own NH […]

You are where you live?

By Sergio González | 10:48

Most of us spend our lives in regular places, whether flats or houses. No matter the personal touch you may add, they are all alike; check out any suburb. However, there are people who seem rather unwilling to live in regular homes and they decide that the odder the better. We may not be where […]

In with the new: Karim Rashid re-designs nhow Milano bar

By Courtney Imel | 9:42

The nhow Milano is waiting for you right in the heart of Milan’s fashion district and offers inspired fusion between fashion, original design, and elegance.  You won’t want to miss the recent new redesign of the nhow Milano bar by  renowned designer Karim Rashid. Coinciding with Fuorisalone 2013, the project involved four design companies, that have already worked with the designer, […]

NH Collection

By Sergio González | 10:47

NH Hoteles is known for having luxury accommodations in the most important cities centers, usually in modern glass and steel buildings, such as the  iconic nhow Berlin or NH Fiera in Milan. However, NH Hoteles boasts a collection of hotels that are completely unique and special.  NH Collection is all about comfort but with a […]

Ideas for an efficient workspace

For many of us a clean and clear efficient workspace is the goal to being efficient, once you feel productive and ready for hardwork just by looking at it. For others, like many famous creative people, an efficient workspace means having all their stuff around, deep in their own world. Which kind are you? While […]

Who’s who in today’s architecture?

By Sergio González | 11:48

Everybody knows the Mona Lisa is da Vinci’s and can tell Van Gogh’s or Picasso’s unique painting styles, but when it comes to architecture, names easily slip away. Architects shape our lives as few other artists can yet they are often regarded as engineers and the most famous modern architects may be not be so […]

#WakeUpPics exhibition arrives in Milan!

By Courtney Imel | 10:15

This last December 20, 2012 until January 30, 2013 we had the  opportunity to hold the#WakeUpPics III Edition contest on Instagram. We encouraged fans to upload their most inspiring Wake Up moments using the hashtag #WakeUpPics and share them with friends and the rest of the world.   In this III Edition alone we have received more than 5,000 entries and in total there […]