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Alain Bouchat, a hotel director with lots of style

By Sergio González | 10:30

Alain, let’s begin with the most professional side of you. You are the hotel director for not one but two NH hotels, NH Brussels City Center and NH Du Grand Sablon, both known for their exquisite manners and guest service. Any piece of advice? Dedication; you have to love what you do. Our staff is […]

Legends of Venice

By Sergio González | 12:18

  Venice may be the most special city in the world, unique by its own terms and beautiful like few others; just the Grand Canal seems firstly imagined and painted by the genius of Canaletto and later built up. Such a fantasy place must keep tons of secrets and mysteries. The Winged Lion of St […]

Romantic Netherlands

By Sergio González | 10:30

Whether out of colourful country scenery blooming with tulips in all the rainbow range, those cute wind-mills or the fact that thousands of canals water an ever-green land, the Netherlands are terribly romantic. Add cheese and wine tastings or chocolate massages to the list of things you want to do in the Netherlands. One of […]

NH Hotels, the smart choice!

By Sergio González | 10:52

Planning our family holidays or a gateway with friends is a fine task, where tons of things must be taken into account and sometimes your plans don’t go along as they should. A beginner’s mistake when planning to stay in London is to choose accommodation out of town, believing it will turn out to be […]

It’s a ‘berlincraze’

By Sergio González | 10:31

It is said Berlin is the most edgy capital in Europe, a trendy modern I-don’t-care-what-you-think kind of town, where anything can happen. Nowdays Berlin is a free-thinking spot where underground art exhibits, sudden alternative concerts, drinking in the street and tons of crazy fun are among the best things to do in Berlin.

NH Hoteles: In the heart of the city

By Sergio González | 10:53

Living by the countryside is tender and beautiful yet sometimes lacks excitement and thrill. The real deal always happens in cities and NH Hoteles is in the very heart, ready to offer you the best places to stay and from where to start discovering your new destination. Summer is finally coming and our desire to […]

Urban bites & food festivals

By Sergio González | 10:29

Trying new food can be one of the most interesting parts of any trip and a factor to keep in mind when deciding where to go for many people. Among several similar destinations, who wouldn’t go for the one with the best sea food and gastronomy? It’s the ‘you must have pasta in Italy and […]

The spooky yet exciting London

By Sergio González | 11:51

London boasts so many attractions that to fully enjoy and live the city we may need several lives to live, although if we get interested in the darkest side of London we may have to run for our very own one! All the scariest things relate directly to London in the our deepest collective conscience: […]

Walk like a patrician: Ancient Rome tourist destinations

By Sergio González | 10:30

The Ancient Greeks and Classic Romans achieved many important milestones in science, politics, philosophy and many other fields but they are hardly credited for having invented tourism. We usually attribute the birth of tourism business to Industrial Revolution though 2000 years ago there were already holiday resorts in the Mediterranean Sea. Discoveries and breakthroughs in […]

Sharing is caring!

By Sergio González | 10:49

The revolutions in transportation in 19th and 20th centuries brought us closer than ever, but not necessarily together; that’s a job accomplished by 21st century carpooling apps and our desire to share. A 24/7 connection and a better shaped online presence make possible that two -let’s say- strangers decide to share a ride from here […]