Monthly Archives: July 2013

Beat the heat this summer and enjoy these NH terraces!

By Courtney Imel | 12:25

One of our favorite things about the summer months is relaxing on one of our many hotel terraces! Whether it will be an afternoon coffee, dinner, or evening cocktail, we’re sure these top NH Hoteles terraces will leave you wishing that summer lasted all year long. Still haven’t booked your next getaway? Now there is […]

Fuerteventura Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup

By Sergio González | 10:15

Water sports were and will always be cool. All of us enjoy watching surfers doing amazing twists and turns, riding the sea as they please. What is more, who doesn’t fancy dating a surfer? As nice as it is hitting a surfer’s beach, attending the Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup is plain better -you’ll need your […]

NH Hoteles partners with Yamaha Factory Racing!

By Courtney Imel | 10:15

“We are very happy to be able to announce this new agreement with NH Hoteles as our premium partner, taking care of our accommodation needs as we travel throughout the world. NH Hoteles has an excellent reputation for quality, for style and providing excellent services for an affordable price. We look forward to sharing in our successes […]

Enjoy a summer night at an open air cinema

By Sergio González | 10:27

Are open air cinemas just a thing for the 50s nostalgia? No way, we like outdoor cinemas more than ever! As cool as it is to do all kind of stuff with your smartphone, watching a film in four inches is not. When it comes to films we like sharing it the oldest fashion way […]

Vienna, chilling on the city beach

By Sergio González | 12:31

If we were playing that little game that wants you to say the first word that comes to your mind after listening to another single word, all odds are ‘sea’ would be on many people’s response to ‘beach’, yet every single dictionary in the English language will tell you that a beach needs any ‘body […]

Meet Fernando Peinado, an internship tutor awarded for his kind nature

By Sergio González | 10:15

Fernando Peinado works in maintenance service at  NH Príncipe de la Paz but he also finds the time to tutor for students who one day will become as professional as Fernando. His dedication and hard work have granted him a special award from the school he works with, for ‘a dedication that goes beyond expectations and […]

Cool off this summer with these new water sports!

By Sergio González | 10:34

Surfing, diving, snorkeling, boating…yeah, those are still great, but what about stand up paddle boarding, fly boarding or water running? It’s the third day of your holidays. You’ve been hitting the beach every single chance you had and, besides a golden beautiful tan, you also are growing a little apathetic. It’s not that you don’t like […]

Buenos Aires, the other side of the summer

By Sergio González | 10:13

Buenos Aires (literally fresh, good airs) has always been the city with the thousand names. It’s such a nice place, it seems everybody wants to make it feel like home by adding their own touch. The first name was to given by its founder, Pedro de Mendoza, around 1536. ‘City of Our Lady of the […]

Beaches you should know about this 2013

By Sergio González | 10:31

Here we are once again, at the beginning of another summer faced with deciding if we should be hitting a cool trendy beach or looking for the one that got away, that piece of warm sand that -almost- nobody knows. Both can be equally hard to find so we will try to help you decide […]

La Tomatina, a live ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’

By Sergio González | 10:18

There two major Spanish festivals during the summer -one to welcome it, one to say it goodbye- perfect if you are in your twenties or just turned 30 and need to shake it out. Sanfermines is still taking place and it’s the place to be right now until next weekend. For La Tomatina you must […]