Monthly Archives: July 2013

From dust til’ dawn, best urban sunsets!

By Sergio González | 10:28

We know how cool and relaxing it is to sit with a cold beer in hand to watch the sun call it day by the beach but watching the sunset over Paris skyline is as rewarding and one of the coolest things to do in any city; for free. Today we share three Southern European […]

What’s going on in Munich?

By Sergio González | 10:30

  Too often Berlin and its incredible arts and cultural environment drags all the attention we pay to Germany, though by doing so we miss one of the greatest towns in Europe, Munich. Third city in Germany by size and population, it’s commonly known as the Southern capital, laying by the Alps and pretty close […]

Celebrating the Summer solstice

By Sergio González | 10:55

Summer solstice night has been considered a magical moment of the year since we exist as a specie. All kinds of rites and celebrations take place across the globe. Whether you want to jump in the magical mood or just enjoy the songs, dances and food, here are some of the most important celebrations during […]

Marco Spina, an Italian chef in love with Amsterdam

By Sergio González | 10:05

Let’s meet Marco Spina, chef and manager of Restaurant Sogno, a piece of exclusive Italian gastronomy and allegria (joy) in the centre of Amsterdam. Marco, what do you hope guests take away from dining at this exclusive restaurant? One of the most special factors of the NH Ristorante Sogno dining experience is the menu. Every […]

It’s all in the (Italian) flavor

By Sergio González | 10:37

Why is everything Italian so fancy, good-looking or tasty? Cars? They make Ferrari. Food? Hello, Italian food restaurants worldwide. Clothes? Just saying Valentino makes you feel sophisticated and glamorous. Arts? OMG, don’t get me started. Italy is always among the most visited countries in the world. Ever heard of Italian beaches? 45 million people go […]

Summer cocktails to help you feel like it’s the weekend!

By Sergio González | 12:15

Swimming in the afternoon, a delicious light dinner ,some drinks and a chat with friends tells you Summer has arrived to your weekends and it’s time to chill and fully enjoy you are alive. Get outdoors and upgrade the usual drinks with cool chilly summer cocktails, ready to impress your guests -from the craziest to […]

Hottest European cities: the Grand Tour

By Sergio González | 13:02

Oh, the old continent. Europe is in most poeple’s minds as a fine destination, a place you must tour around at least once in life. An Eurotrip it’s like driving across Australia or all along Route 66 in the USA. It’s a crazy adventure you want with friends, a life-changing experience to tell your grandchildren. […]

Get your feet moving: FIB, Open’er & Werchter

By Sergio González | 11:26

 Yay! Summer is here! Finally, after all this time expecting it to show, long hours of sunlight and swimming in the sea have arrived to our lives. Don’t you feel better just by thinking about tasting a mojito by the beach? And when you are happy, your body simply needs to move, to show all […]