Monthly Archives: August 2013

Why haven’t you visited Lisbon yet?

By Sergio González | 11:18

When you are planning an Euro trip, Lisbon is usually included on the bucket list of cities you don’t want to miss. Out of its far location in the open Atlantic or its non-mainstream life, many travelers are missing a great destination, full of history, gorgeous sights and the most amazing food, with unbelievable stories […]

Non-mainstream Paris, a unique and different ‘City of Lights’

By Sergio González | 10:15

  Philo-cafes are among the most interesting non-mainstream things to do in Paris Have you ever been to Paris? Maybe you are one of the 16 million people who visited the capital of France in 2012, according to official data from the ‘Convention and Visitors Bureau’ of the city. Maybe you are one of the […]

When you think about traveling, think about NH!

By Sergio González | 11:08

When it comes to buying a new high-tech gadget, we all know American software still tops the list and Asian countries produce the most reliable smartphones and flat TVs. When it comes to tourism, Spain is the leading voice we all should be listening to. Surely there’s plenty to improve and issues still to be […]

Late summer apps you wish you knew earlier

By Sergio González | 12:19

It’s a small world, small with yet millions of apps fit in it. Let’s review some apps that can ease our holidays and be the perfect help during the summer. So you finally tricked your friends into coming on your dream road trip? Cool! It’s going to be so exciting your mind will be everywhere […]

When Tomato met Onion: A Gazpacho love story

By Sergio González | 10:21

Gazpacho is one of the most famous meals/beverages (hot debate among locals) during the Spanish hot summer months and its origins, a reflection of the country traditional multiculturalism. No one sole origin can be pinpointed but it’s most sure gazpacho has its ground in an Arab bread soup brought into Southern Spain by the Moors, […]

Enjoy a real holiday of health and wellbeing at NH spas!

By Courtney Imel | 10:58

Need an relaxing escape? Let’s face it, when we feel great, we look great! Now is the perfect time to do something good for yourself and enjoy a real holiday of health and wellbeing thanks to our relaxing activities. Our NH Hoteles facilities combine the latest advances in technology with the most innovative design, creating […]

Summer in Tuscany

By Sergio González | 10:08

This is what you need to know to spend your summer holidays in Tuscany, possibly the most beautiful place in Italy. Tuscany is a worldwide famous Northern Italian region, home of 7 World Heritage cities, more than 100 protected areas -whether natural or man-made- and all the food, art and fashion names we love and we […]

Are you ready to party?

By Sergio González | 11:16

Dance away home mundanity with this year’s summer parties: casual Ios island, fancy Marbella or trendy Berlin. Pick your style and make sure your ‘mojitos’ are prepared with limes and not lemons if you don’t want all your holiday pics ruined by your crying lemon jaw. We don’t know about you, but most of us […]

Summer in the city: Munich

By Sergio González | 12:55

Tired of crowded beaches in the South, scorching hot weather and waiting in line every single time you want some food or drinks? Book yourself a trip to Munich, the perfect summer getaway –proudly refreshed by the Alps! Do you like fighting the heat with a cold ale? Sure Germans do too, although beer here […]

Unique, cool, and colorful beaches around the world!

By Sergio González | 11:01

The answer to what a normal beach may look like widely depends on who you ask. It will surely be rocky if you ask an Englishman, but sandy and long if you ask the same question in Spain, and you should include palm trees hanging over the sea if you asked by somebody from the […]