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Paul Veltman, working towards a more sustainable future!

By Courtney Imel | 11:53

For NH Hoteles, sustainability is a core value which is reflected in the continuing investment in innovative and sustainable measures, as well as the ongoing efforts to integrate environmental, social and economic dimensions of the daily activities of our 400 hotels worldwide. Earlier this year, NH Hoteles received two major awards from the industry: the […]

Steffen Schmaler, an NH Friend doing his part for the environment!

By Courtney Imel | 10:15

As many of you may already know, today marks a very special day for us at NH Hoteles. It’s World Tourism Day! In support of United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation, this year’s World Tourism Day is being held under the theme Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future. At NH Hoteles we strive to be a […]

This is food, year 2120

By Sergio González | 13:54

Sci-Fi films and TV shows have been getting most of the cinema industry budget and audience’s attention for the last 10 years. They always show not-so-unbelievable communication devices and super cool computers, cars or spaceships, but what do they eat? Do they treasure mac n’ cheese as it is worth? Is brunch still a thing? […]

Meet Luis Bartolomé, exectutive chef NH Eurobuilding!

By Courtney Imel | 10:11

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Luis Bartolomé, executive chef at the exquisite Mediterranean restaurant Margerit located in the NH Eurobuilding in Madrid. Originally from Soria he began his career doing internships at high end establishments such as Martín Berasategui, El Cenador de Salvador or Maher. In 1998 he began his adventure […]

What’s Italian food in Italy like?

By Sergio González | 10:43

They say in Asia every meal comes with rice, in Italy it’s with pasta, for lunch and dinner, every single day. But don’t despair in taste buds monotony; it’s just the starter or aside, because Italian food beyond pasta is awesome. However, its own international popularity disguises it so much to fit into whatever national […]

What to eat now: Food trends in 2013

By Sergio González | 11:16

Not even food can get away from the reach of the almighty and willful fashion, so here are the food trends of the season plus how we are behaving towards food in 2013. ‘Healthy’ and ‘fresh’ is at an all time high, even in restaurant decoration. We want to eat healthier when dining out and […]

Oh no, I didn’t Instagram my dinner!

By Sergio González | 11:19

Yes, you didn’t. Well, it’s not a big deal you tell yourself, everybody knows how food looks so it doesn’t really matter. Well, according to a recent study published by University of Minnesota and Harvard Business School, Intagramming your food can make it taste better. Let’s all get #food! The paper says that ‘rituals enhance […]

Meet Luca Molteni, exectutive chef at nhow Milano!

By Courtney Imel | 12:12

Today we have the great honor to introduce you to Luca Molteni, executive chef at nhow Milano. A grand chef with an international profile, he has been a part of NH Hoteles for 14 years. Now part of the fashionable and dynamic nhow Milano, he explains his passion for the cutting-edge touch of Milan gastronomy. […]

Taste the best chocolate following its history across Europe

By Sergio González | 11:35

Some would say chocolate deserves a poem or even an ode, but let’s be serious, chocolate is a muse able to inspire all kind of artists and let us taste a better world, at least for a second. Chocolate is not only a delicious experience but if you take it dark, it’s also a very […]

This is the most expensive food you could ever taste

By Sergio González | 13:49

No matter what they say, sharing pics of your dinner with friends and followers will always be great. Get ready to blow their minds if you get invited to try some of the most expensive food in the world.  Japanese arts and crafts didn’t change a lot for 2000 years which means they had the […]