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The future of food? Some food predictions nailed it and some just didn’t!

By Sergio González | 11:43

Isaac Asimov’s predictions are becoming popular on the Internet these days as his 1964 projections of how we’ll be living in 2014 are pretty accurate. Some visionaries saw it coming and some others just lost it. Let’s check out what they used to say about our food. One of the biggest failures of future food […]

6 online cooking shows you wish you knew earlier

By Sergio González | 12:09

Foodies need inspiration and assuming you already worship Jamie Oliver, here are the best online cooking shows you are missing. Nobody knows how people used to make it without YouTube but nowadays it’s just the perfect source for recipes. It’s cool and nice to read them, but who has the time? Videos are short, funnier […]

Trendy food Festivals in September

By Sergio González | 10:45

A lonely foodie is a sad foodie. They call it partake of food because sharing your meals with other food lovers is way better. And if you discover new ingredients and learn some cooking along your new friends, you may find yourself in foodie heaven. Today, we are getting our noses into the rage of […]

Iconic NY junk bites

By Sergio González | 12:02

Certainly New York is a place where you can enjoy the finest gastronomy from all over the world, and fast food is not meant for every day but sometimes it’s just nice to try the forbidden fruit. The Big Apple offers tons of super sized food we can’t help but dreaming about. From greasy huge […]

You are what you eat! Get healthy now

By Sergio González | 10:33

We need to understand the direct relation between what we eat and how healthy we are, and more accurately, how healthy we are not. Remember how Popeye got super big arms after squeezing some spinaches into his system? That’ how we should think about healthy food. Want more proof that we are what we eat? […]

Small, meaningful bites! Tapas & Pinxtos in Spain

By Sergio González | 10:25

Tapas and Pinxtos are some of the most important aspects of gastronomy in Spain and, besides the famous molecular cooks, one of the most alluring attractions of the country’s cuisine. It’s fun, it’s cheaper than a meal and you get to try many different dishes in one single act. Did I hear ‘perfection’?  Tapas is […]

What makes a Michelin Star restaurant?

By Sergio González | 12:39

  You may have never changed a tire in your entire life but you probably know that a restaurant awarded with a star by the French manufacturer Michelin is a good one. Let’s find out why they are in the Red Guide. Michelin Guide started in 1900 as a humble free edition to encourage French […]

The best 8 Quotes about Food & Foodies

By Sergio González | 10:53

Have you noticed that little habit you’ve acquired of taking pics of your food? Well, don’t be too hard on yourself because we’ve always loved doing so. In the past, there was no smartphone to capture the moment so people had to be more creative and inspire others with words.  Sophia Loren was one of […]

NH Hoteles Davis Cup: Share your passion and win!

By Courtney Imel | 12:37

For NH Hoteles it is a great honor to be have been an official Davis Cup Sponsor since 2004. The unique profile of this tennis competition makes it possible for us to reach millions of viewers in more than 170 countries and in 5 continents!  The Davis Cup, also known as the 2013 Davis Cup by […]

Explore the ins & outs of Barcelona with NH Friend Lydia Fritzsche!

By Courtney Imel | 9:56

Today we introduce you to a very special NH Friend Lydia Fritzsche from the Marketing Department at NH Hotels. She spends part of her summer holidays every year in Barcelona, one of her favorite cities in the world. Don’t miss this exclusive interview where she lets us in on what makes this Mediterranean city unforgettable. As […]