Monthly Archives: October 2013

Get your vintage style on

By Sergio González | 17:39

No complaints about modern cool designs but let’s face it, classic will always rule, and vintage can only make them even better. Hipster considerations aside, retro and vintage stuff rocks; they are usually from a time when things were hand-made, whether totally or partially, and you can feel that unique touch in every piece, that […]

Modern living: innovative and fun furniture designs

By Sergio González | 16:03

Setting up a new apartment can be exhausting but also extremely fun, even more if you choose some of these innovative and fun furniture ideas. And just admit it, a shelf made out of concrete blocks and used timber is no furniture after you graduated. You can opt for an intricate branch as the perfect […]

Top destinations for modern architecture aficionados

By Sergio González | 11:32

Some will travel the world to see their favorite music star playing live or to get a tasteful hint of a famous Michelin starred chef, but monuments and cool buildings are as legit as those, so get ready to learn about the top destinations for architecture and design aficionados.  New York. While the World Center […]

NH Hoteles new and dynamic designs

By Courtney Imel | 10:15

This month’s theme wouldn’t be complete without a post dedicated to some of our very own dynamic designs. We think the design is a fundamental part of your stay with us and making you feel good whenever you are traveling is our most important task. Sit back, relax and enjoy these NH Hoteles interior designs! […]

Green living for a better life

By Sergio González | 10:15

We are so used to listening to bad news every single day so we may forget that everything in the world is not threatening us. In fact, there are many reasons to be environmentally happy and today we want to share with you the best news for green living, really promising news that will make […]

Incredible modern art museums we all can enjoy

By Sergio González | 17:11

Oh, abstract art, that slippery not-so-modern version of a traditional painting that still looks odd and weird for many of us. Is it that we don’t understand it? Is it just too meta? Love it or leave it because modern art is never easy to understand, unless you hit one of these modern art museums. […]

Coolest design events in Europe

By Sergio González | 10:16

You, me, we all love a good design, and even more if we can share it with other fellow design enthusiasts so don’t miss the biggest design fairs and shows in Europe and the many advantages NH Hoteles offers for your designer’s time to be the best. In the world of planned obsolescence, vintage will […]

Up and coming Designers

By Sergio González | 12:10

So you can name several Le Corbusier master pieces and Scandinavian classic designers’ names aren’t that hard for you to pronounce. Good job, but isn’t time for an update? Dazzle your friends at dinner parties and any art event dropping these names of the best designers alive. Safe, sound and designing.  Trained as an engineer […]

10 apps to design a better life

By Sergio González | 10:37

So you decided to DIY-decorate your house. You tell yourself you can save money for better furniture and that it’s going to be so much fun. Cool, but soon you realize that you have no skills, just a bunch of messy ideas. Simply chill and download -apps are here to help!  If you recently had to […]

Should I go hybrid?

By Sergio González | 10:13

Hybrid cars have been around for a while in some countries like the States but in Europe and China they are still a novelty. Should we look at them with disregard or should we consider one for our next purchase? What can we learn from America’s experience? Is it really worth it?  Hybrid cars keep […]