Monthly Archives: January 2014

Coolest office designs! Jealous?

By Sergio González | 11:23

We don’t need any paper telling us that plants, wise decoration, enough work-space or sunlight have great benefits on us but it’s cool to remember science backs us up just in case we want to talk about it with our boss. If you need some extra support, remind him or her that a happy worker […]

Art as you’ve never seen it!

By Sergio González | 12:16

As strange as it may seem at first sight, art made from everyday objects invites us to look at the world from another perspective and to find creativity and inspiration in everything around us. Our first layover is our journey across recycled art which will take us to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and more precisely to Javier Peréz’s […]

Living interior design at nhow Berlin!

Designer furniture and edgy architecture is usually a privilege reserved only for the rich, but in the dynamic city of Berlin everybody can enjoy it. All you have to do is lead your feet to Stralauer Alle 3 and you will enter an interior designer’s paradise, which also includes a record studio and happens to […]

Castles holidays in Spain

By Sergio González | 11:04

When a Frenchman brags about something he wished he had, his fellow countrymen will say that he has châteaux en Espagne, “castles in Spain”. Coming from a country with the Loire Valley and its gorgeous castles, not to mention Versailles, it kind of makes you wonder, what is going on in Spain. To begin with, […]

Innovative living & housing

By Sergio González | 16:07

One could think that everything has already been invented in modern housing design and we shouldn’t even be talking about modernity at all, but there are so many new things coming out that we may want to rethink our interior design ideas. Otherwise, we could be missing the promising possibilities that many different things such […]

The New Scandinavian Design

By Sergio González | 10:09

Scandinavian design as recognizable branding emerged around the 50s, and it involved every Scandinavian country (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) except Iceland. It was the time of Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen and many other geniuses who soon made Scandinavian design famous for its clean, smooth lines and overwhelmingly beautiful simplicity that never sacrifices functionality. Can […]

Best art museums, according to visitors

By Sergio González | 12:36

We have begun 2014 digging deep into art and there’s plenty more to talk about because that’s one of the greatest things  about paintings, music or sculptures; they will never cease to inspire our imagination and warm up our feelings. There are many approaches to the vast world of the arts and in this occasion […]

Top 10 list: the most expensive paintings of all times

By Sergio González | 11:07

Money and art have always had a stormy relationship and the real value of the art we pay for is often questioned, in many artistic ways such as this amateur Polish painter who displayed one of his works in an art museum or online quizzes daring you to tell actual abstract art from toddlers’ doodles. […]

Rafael Estévez, an NH Friend with a runner’s heart

By Courtney Imel | 10:15

  You know what they say, a run a day keeps the doctor away. Well, even if we’ve modified the original expression, there is no excuse not to get moving this New Year! Today we introduce you to a very special NH Friend who believes a great run contributes to a healthy body and mind. Rafael […]

Chasing the sun around the world

By Sergio González | 13:51

We all know a day is 24 hours, yet while on one side of the world the sun is rising on the other it’s already time for sunset. To bring some light into chaos, we’ll be following the most beautiful and unique clock towers around the world. The question is which country sees the first […]