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The best sea & sun winter getaways

By Sergio González | 11:35

From Chicago’s frozen lighthouses to snow-covered pyramids in Egypt, 2014 winter will be remembered as one of the coldest ever. Not feeling like going through another bad-scarf day or choking on more hot cocoa? By now snowflakes look all the same to you? It’s time you pack your swimwear and order your  favourite cocktail because […]

Baiersbronn, a little German village with 7 michelin stars

By Sergio González | 17:39

There is nothing wrong with your blog setting. Don’t try to adjust the headline. Baiersbronn is actually a little German village and home to 7 Michelin stars. Only 16,000 people live in Baiersbronn yet they have as many 3 Michelin stars Restaurants as London or California. Welcome to foodies’ heaven! German chefs weren’t that famous a few years […]

Where will you go in 2014?

By Sergio González | 10:24

Have you ever been to Paris, New York, London and Dubai? Even to Tokyo and Rio de Janerio? Then you are an awesome traveller and yours is a wanderlust level to be jealous about. If you haven’t, we hope you are reading this post on your tablet or smartphone while killing some time before the […]

The best spots to see the northern and southern lights!

By Sergio González | 12:43

The 2009 film Avatar has been one of the greatest blockbusters of all times. We can openly say that the plot was nothing out of this world and neither was the message. However, more than 75 million people in the USA felt Pandora’s call. Was it  the blasting off of 3D, the amazing colors or […]

The German wines you’ve been missing

By Sergio González | 16:48

France, Italy and Spain are the great wine producers in Europe while Germany, Belgium or Czech Republic are often regarded for their beers and ales. This is not fair since missing out the new German wines is something your palate can’t afford. Actually, winemaking in Germany began as early as the first Roman conquerors brought some […]

Harbin Ice & Snow Festival

By Sergio González | 13:39

The feeling of full happiness that comes right after deciding to take a long-planned trip or finding the perfect outfit that will make your night something to remember is ephemeral. It only lasts for a few seconds! With ice sculptures the same thing happens. They are incredible because it takes skill and lots of creativity to […]

Eastern Europe: It’s worth a shot!

By Sergio González | 11:24

Eastern Europe is one of the Old Continent’s best kept secrets. When you’re planning a Euro trip, usually Paris, Barcelona, Milan or London are the first cities to come to your mind. Let’s not let our brain fool us because Bucharest, Prague or Warsaw are well worth a shot! Eastern Europe is a geographical entity […]

Romantic getaways in the Swiss Alps

By Sergio González | 13:26

Switzerland is famous for chocolates, cuckoo clocks, financial secrecy and for being a synonym to political neutrality. However, if you ask anyone how they think Switzerland looks like, all odds are they’ll picture a bucolic scene taken from the 1974 Japanese anime Heidi, Girl of the Alps. A huge success home and abroad, especially in Asia, […]

When winter sports get funny, weird and extreme

By Sergio González | 17:01

Sochi Olympics are at its height, showing the whole world once again why winter is such a cool season to play sports, the more when they are strange and fun winter sports.

Vienna: A winter wonderland

By Sergio González | 11:58

Vienna is the capital of modern Austria but it was also the royal seat for the Habsburg dynasty and the several empires they ran, the last being Austria-Hungary. Everywhere you go in Vienna, you feel this almighty touch, as UNESCO did when they awarded Vienna’s Old Town a World Heritage site.