Monthly Archives: March 2014

Meetings, nhow style

By Sergio González | 10:00

It should be mandatory for any meeting related with creativity, but everybody can seriously benefit from holding a meeting in a beautiful, wisely designed nhow meeting room. And you can also make them totally eco-friendly. Let’s find out what we are missing! Launching a new product, holding a meeting for investors or showing everybody your […]

Nhow Rotterdam is cooler than ever!

By Sergio González | 13:49

  We’ve all been talking about it, sharing pics and impressions. Some lucky ones even have already enjoyed the sunrise rooms and awesome concerts. . It was already up and running, but the brand new nhow Rotterdam was in need of a grand opening; as spectacular as the views of the sun rising over the famous […]

The best views of and from nhows

By Sergio González | 10:30

nhow Rotterdam has a lot to offer but the killer views over the city, the harbour and the North Sea are simply amazing. One hell of a view is nhow Rotterdam’s motto, but it’s also the most frequent comment about the hotel on web sites like Tripadvisor. We thought they were amazing and worth sharing, and you saw it too. […]

“Future is nhow” or the cool design exhibit you could be enjoying

By Sergio González | 10:30

From April 7th until the 13th, one of the biggest fashion and design events in Milan will take place, Milano Moda Design, along the Furniture Fair (Fuorisalone). Then again, Milan is the place to be for every designer and artist, either pro or aficionado. nhow location and passion for design make it the perfect place […]

Unique services you’ll only find at nhow hotels

By Sergio González | 12:21

nhow hotels are the result of a creative effort that never stops, which can inspire us to be a little more out-of-the-box and join our creative peers. Today, we would like to share with you some of the exclusive services you get only at nhows. Enjoy with caution! Let’s say you love music, that you are […]

Live Milan as the fashion icon it is

By Sergio González | 11:22

Going shopping has been regarded lately as frivolous when it’s too often practiced and we even call people names like shopaholic, but it’s so in order to be frivolous sometimes. Whether it’s getting your hands on some beautiful shoes, watching your team win the game or lying in a beautiful beach, whatever works for you […]

The Dutch and arts, the “true story”

By Sergio González | 11:11

Dutch art became a recognizable style on its own around 1550, and what we know as the Dutch Golden Age of art lasted for one hundred years, This flourishing period for paintings and architecture began at the same time the independence war against Spain ended. Philip II of Spain also bore the crown of several other kingdoms, […]

How to Wake up to a better day

By Sergio González | 11:20

Wake up to a better world has been our motto for many years and though it may seem we are aiming high, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, in this case, waking up to a better day. Here’s how you can make your mornings the best time of day. If […]

Are you the ultimate 2.0 traveller?

By Sergio González | 15:33

nhows are a beacon of modernity, of the latest in art and technology, they have been created for you, 21st century traveller. Social media and hyper connectivity can be regarded as the second time mankind has learnt how to master fire; that paramount is the change in our lives. We can see how it’s reshaping […]

Why architecture is the new “must”!

By Sergio González | 11:24

Architecture may flash us out with its beautiful looks but its core is making our lives better, not just better looking. It’s all about improved environments where we can feel free and be ourselves. And the best thing about architecture is that we don’t need to understand it to feel its benefits. Modern society has […]