Monthly Archives: August 2014

The room of the future: how will it be?

By NH | 13:39

It´s not easy to image the room of a hotel 20 years from now. There are several research and commercial project that try to approach on how a room of a hotel looks like in 2034. In many of them, IT companies imagine a hyperconnected room where the guest can see the screen of the […]

The Sagrada Familia opens its door to Heaven

By NH | 13:18

La Sagrada Familia is a living monument. Each new sculpture, each opening gives a new look to the temple and becomes another excuse to visit this Barcelona monument, which is always in permanent construction. The latest development is the door of the Nativity facade, the work done by the iconic Antonio Gaudí. The work, known […]

Ourense, the unknown city of Galicia

By NH | 13:03

It is the only province in Galicia without coast but it have had compensations. Ourense is full of hot springs located along the Miño river that cross from Lugo to the border with Portugal. The area has become an attraction for lovers of hot springs. Along the river, water comes from deep inside the Earth […]