Monthly Archives: October 2014

México City: the colorful metropolis

By NH | 9:39

  When you land in México City, the first thing that you see is a metropolis that never ends. This city is plenty of colors, flavors and a vibrant history. Did you know that México City, with a population of more than 22 million people, is the largest Spanish speaking city in the world nowadays? […]

Brussels: architectural gems and creative corners

By NH | 13:46

The capital of a multicultural country and a diverse continent discovers much more than a exquisite square: The Grand Place, a marvelous masterpiece protected as a Unesco Word Heritage. It is the most iconic site of Belgium. The city’s Town Hall is surrounded by public and private buildings of the 17th century and testifies the […]

Argentina: the best place to ski in October

By NH | 16:01

Snow is not the same everywhere. Skiing at the end of the season, between September and October, is one of the options that come with the snow lovers who can’t wait for the start of the season in Spain. And the best place to do it is Argentina. Catedral and Bariloche are the most internationally […]