10 Reasons why we are Perfect for your Vacations

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Traveling with NH Hotel Group is more than just a stay. It is about living a 360º experience: different brands, sustainable, awesome locations, great services… Still in doubt? Here are 10 reasons that will definitely convince you.

  • Location


Let’s be honest, one of the most valued factors when choosing your hotel is its location. Luckily, all of our hotels are placed in exceptional spots, with most of them located right in the heart of the city. They are close to the main cultural attractions, as well as within popular neighborhoods, alongside major sport stadiums, and business travelers will find us nestled in important business districts and next to strategic airports. Easy access and well-connected hotels, a good start, no?


  • Different Brands

Are you aware of all four NH Hotel Group brands? Depending on what kind of hotel is required and what type of stay you’re after, we have the perfect place for you.

NH Hotels. Our upscale urban brand. One of its main attributes is the perfect locations you’ll find them in, making NH Hotels the ideal selection for both leisure and business, with a price-quality ratio that is just idyllic.


NH Collection One of our newest brands that populates upper-upscale hotels, famous for their exceptional architecture and history. They are located in beautiful strategic buildings that combine a distinguished elegance with a local touch that holiday makers crave when on the move. Step inside and Feel the Extraordinary.


nhow This fresh brand is the lively sibling to our other concepts and takes cosmopolitan hotels to a new level, on which modernity, quality and design are integral to its attitude. Though only a handful exist, each one has its very own style and creative concept, bursting with personality that enchant all guests



  • Sustainable Eco Hotels

NH Hotel Group is fully aware of the importance and concerned about taking the right steps to care for the environment, offering “sustainable vacations” in a number of our hotels. Many of our hotels are eco-efficient.  using renewable resources and and reducing electricity consumption. Our guests can take part in the initiative by using the bikes provided by some of our hotels to navigate the city, and those using electric cars can charge them at specific points at the hotel, like at NH Collection Barcelona Constanza or NH Zurich Airport.


What’s more, hotels like our NH Danube City, NH Collection Frankfurt City or the NH La Spezia (as well as over 80 others) have already received recognition for their efforts and have been awarded the energy sustainability certificate (ISO). In addition, we have also developed a sustainable way of hosting your meetings and events: if you request so, we will calculate the carbon footprint of your event so that it can be offset through environmental projects all over the world. There’s always a sustainable way for everything!

  • Families

Our hotels are family friendly because we know the importance of spending time with the those you love most, especially when with younger ones. To make a parent’s stay easier and the children’s even more enjoyable, we offer a range of services; such as special, healthy meals and timetables, different entertainment areas and kids corners to play, as well as the possibility of adding extra beds to the rooms.

We have two fun and colourful protagonists called Nico & Hanna that join younger children during their time with us, and are found on special bathroom amenities and activity books.  In addition, we create family-thinking promos for which kids stay free, so you can enjoy your vacations with us and your family with less hassle. 

  • Breakfasts

Who doesn’t love breakfast? If you don’t, then you’ll become one as soon as you try our morning services, combining quality, variety and healthy products each and every day. At NH Hotel Group, we know that a good breakfast builds a better experience.


Local flavours are added to our offer, so depending on where you are, you’ll have the chance of having tasting local products: what about churros and chocolate while in Spain? Or sausages in Germany? Maybe you are in the mood for an English breakfast? For those staying at NH Collection hotels, ask the chef for a personalised breakfast, exactly as you want it! If you were looking for a business breakfast event, we also have what you need. After all, it’s important to start the day with a happy, full stomach?

  • Facilities

Our hotels are more than just a place to sleep and spend the night. That’s why we offer a  wide variety of facilities to complement and enhance your stay. Pools, spas, gyms… everything you could want. In fact, did you know that we use Technogym Equipment in workout spaces? A range of top machines and apparatus to help you keep up your healthy lifestyle when on the move.

We also understand the need to be connected when and where you want, which is why we offer a 24/7 WiFi service, perfect for leisure and business guests alike. Also, there is the option to upgrade the wifi service, just ask a member of our staff. And these are just a couple of the facilities that we have to offer… Did you know that our nhow Berlin has a special musical instrument room service? A great idea, no? There’s so much to enjoy when staying with us, so why not come and discover the rest for yourself!


  • Rooms

We want you to feel as good as possible when you are with us. To commit to this desire, we opt for modern decorated and spacious rooms, in where comfort and quality are a must. Our beds are the best for when you need the perfect rest: mattresses with multielástic system, hypoallergenic filters and Dreamprotect Technology. Because we know that comfort means less to worry about and more to enjoy.


  • Restaurants

Trying local cuisines is a must when travelling, and that’s why we want you to feel and taste the cities through our restaurants. Their gastronomic offer are all part of your experience. Did you know that our restaurants are one of the most valued services by our guests? High quality products, tasty dishes decorated with those all  touches and the best local products that will make those flavours even more memorable.


Furthermore, some of our NH Collection restaurants  include recognized chefs at the head of their kitchens, such as well known Paco Roncero (2* Michelin starred – La Terraza del Casino restaurant) or Christopher Naylor at the 1* Michelin starred Vermeer restaurant in the NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace. And that’s just two examples. Again, when just visit a city when you can taste it.

  • Views / Rooftops


Many of our inviting terraces and rooftops offer amazing views day or night,  complete with forward-thinking bars and cozy atmospheres that complement the experience. From our rooftops, you’ll get a feel for your city of stay thanks to the amazing cityscapes: the famous Gran Via of Madrid and more from the NH Collection Madrid Suecia, the wonderful coast of Lisbon from NH Collection Lisboa Liberdade, or the beautiful city center of México City at the NH Mexico City Centro Histórico.. Such an unforgettable experience!


  • Inspired by local

We’ve got around 400 hotels in 31 different countries. Thanks to this, guests discover the world with NH Hotel Group. Our NH Collection hotels are located in main capital cities and historical places. We invite all of our guests to be a part of the destination even when stepping into the lobby. Wherever you are, you’ll find the same high quality of stay and service with us. What’s more is that many of our hotels have a story to tell, another reason to experience the world with us.


For example, the NH Collection Firenze Porta Rossa dates back to the 16th Century, when it belonged to the Torrigiani family, and it was not until the 19th Century that some hoteliers rented it. Another example is the NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, in Amsterdam, which has a 150-year history that started when it first opened as a coffee house. Under our charge, the essence of its past is immediately evident through its copperplate doors, the perfect doorway to local history. All of these hotels, with their buildings, their decoration and their gastronomy keep that authentic local character of the places they’re in, the essence to which you will be transported.

So, what are you waiting for, come and enjoy a wonderful stay with NH Hotel Group!  

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