Lighting the night by kicking the ball!


As soon as some original, simple and inspiring “thing” arrives at our office, we feel the urgent need to directly share it with you. Today, we would like to feature “Sockket“, an initiative that could provide light to those in need by having fun with a ball. As his smart slogan states: playing now, we can illuminate the future.

The idea was born when four Harvard students, came up with a new concept of a soccer ball which generates and stores energy the more is kicked around. The first prototype was based on a inductive coil mechanism, however, balls just lasted for a few months before breaking down. The idea was worthy and deserved another shot. Some time later, we can enjoy the new Sockket ball that promises to solve all past problems. Its mechanism is so simple. They managed to get an easy and fun way to produce useful energy. Numbers are awesome: 15 min play with the ball, generates energy to light up a LED lamp for a few hours or even charge up a mobile phone.

The ball arrives at time

According to IEA´s “World Energy Outlook” 2009 figures, 1 out of  5 world’s people, live without any kind of access to electricity. Huge amount of them, use kerosene lamps (harmful & risky for both human health & environment) to illuminate their life when sun comes down. As World Health Organization gleans on his 2006 report, Kerosene lamps are known to be the disgrace responsible for almost 500.000 deaths per year. This eco-balls will not change these awful figures, however, they represent a nice and very reasonable alternative for those who need energy. Here it goes an optimistic 90 seconds video to show the whole thing:

Soccket Balls & Soccer & Arts

Soccket balls were officially shown at 2011 CONCACAF World Cup – North America, Central America and Caribe regional championship – that took place last month. At the same time that competition was running, Sockket ball make it through sports celebrities and was supported by an original Facebook campaign allowing users to kick the ball to get points for a minute and then decide which country they wanted to send Soccket Balls to. After the competitions, lucky chosen countries were México (CONCACAF 2011 Winner), El Salvador & Costa Rica.  From the last weeks on many sports players and artists are contributing to spread the word.

Photo credits: 1. Sockket photo gallery


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