Menudos Corazones: helping the youngest and their families

Menudos Corazones children
Today, we are very pleased to introduce Menudos Corazones to you: a Spanish NGO we have been collaborating with for a while now. The purpose of the Foundation is to perform all possible actions in order to improve the quality of life of congenital heart disease patients and their families.

Menudos Corazones offers free lodging programmes, as well as psychological and emotional help programmes for affected families, information material about congenital heart disease and entertainment programmes in hospitals and out of the hospital such us summer camps.

Among the integral support programmes for children and teenagers with congenital heart defects and their families, Menudos Corazones includes the following project: free housing programme in Madrid for the families from other parts of Spain whose children with congenital heart diseases need to be treated in Madrid’s hospitals. And here is where we take action. What can we do to help them in their praiseworthy project? Easy! We could do what we do best: hosting people! And this is the way a collaboration that already lasts 6 years started.

To make it a little bit more bearable for those families going through a raugh time we offer permanently three rooms in NH Hotel Alcalá for relatives whose children are hospitalized. Each year, 40 to 50 families stay in NH Hotel Alcalá with an average stay of one month. What it is a simple action for us helps to reduce their worries to a very great extent. Thanks to this project, they don’t have to look for accomodation in Madrid and they don’t need to worry about money to fund their stay that, in some cases, can last even months.

Menudos Corazones activities

According to the Foundation’s action lines, we don’t offer free accommodation only, but also a home. As the popular saying goes “Home is where the heart is” so we try our best helping them to relax and feel as comfortable as possible. Thanks to our employees’ sensibility and empathy, children relatives feel at home at least for a short while.

In 2010 we won the Prize Seres for our commitment to social action with Menudos Corazones through the free housing project.


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