The Biciclown or how to make people laugh all around the world

The Biciclown

Once upon a time there was a man who used to have a “normal” life. He lived in Madrid,
worked in an office and had a partner with whom he shared his life. At that point his life
was quite stable and he had a promising future. But one day he decided to take a break
from everything to follow his dream

The man we are talking about is called Alvaro Neil, otherwise
known as “the Biciclown”. Realizing that “the cemetery is full
of dreamers” and not wanting to join them, Alvaro said goodbye to his previous life. Taking
his bike and very little luggage, he began his greatest adventure: going around the world.

As well as being a good cyclist, Alvaro is also a professional clown. Combining the
two, he created a project called Miles of Smiles Around the World (MOSAW). MOSAW is a very unique
idea. Alvaro “tickles the world” with his bike, he is an expert in make people laugh! With
MOSAW he has done many performances in 62 different countries.

He performs free shows all around the world to bring a smile to people in refugee camps,
prisons, hospitals and far-flung villages. He states, “As a professional clown since 1989, I
like to offer my shows for free all around the world. But I do them just for special kids
or communities.
At the Mercycenter there are hundreds of orphans, some of them
with HIV, I like to bring them my clown, magic and interactive one hour show.”

The biciclown has already covered nearly 90,000 km across 62 different countries. He has performed more than 50 times for more than 20,000 people in total. He states: “I do it for free because that is my will. 60% of the money I need to live comes from my own savings, 20% from my sponsors, and the other 20% from people I come across and believe in my project”.

Alvaro the Biciclown

Alvaro has got lots of videos on YouTube such as the one that you have just watched. But if
you want to support the Biciclown and his MOSAW project you can purchase the BOOKS or
DOCUMENTARIES that he has published.

Bicycle Touring is becoming more and more popular each day. There are many resources
(from blogs to forums) where you can find lots of information to help you plan a tour. If you
want to follow Alvaro’s philosophy, think, “there is only one life”.

Source: The Biciclown

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