Isn’t the YCI programme a truly “Wake Up” initiative?

YCI NH Hoteles trainees

It is time to celebrate! A couple of weeks ago we attended the graduation of the 10 students who received NH Hoteles’ theoretical and practical training in NH Mexico City within the YCI Programme. They worked very hard during the training period and they did such a great job that six of them have already started work in various hotels in the chain.

Youth Career Initiative (YCI) combines the efforts of international bodies such as Unicef and the World Tourism Organisation with the work of major hotel chains such as Hyatt, Marriot, Starwood, Intercontinental, Four Seasons and NH Hoteles, and various NGOs and charities that work to alleviate inequalities, reduce poverty and generate work.

The YCI programme was conceived within the framework of the International Tourism Partnership (the world platform for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability for tourism management) in order to mobilise the resources of the hotel and tourism industry to offer training to allow young people at risk of social exclusion to develop their professional career, and to generate working opportunities for them.


We became the first and only Spanish company committed to accomplish with the International Tourism Partnership’s values and we train 420 young people in 53 hotels all over the world every year.

The YCI training courses consist of 40% theory and 60% practice in all the departments of the selected hotels. The manager of each hotel is responsible for supervising the development of the programme and also of involving the heads of each department responsible for monitoring the students in the training, as well as for ensuring that the students are welcomed and accompanied by the hotel employees.

Non-profit and public organisations help to identify and recruit the most deserving candidates from local schools and deprived local communities. They also provide supplementary lectures, whilst other business sectors are invited to showcase job opportunities that participants could pursue upon graduation, given the transferable skills they learn through YCI.

Young people taking part in the YCI programme

The initiative provides a practical platform for governments, companies, and non-profit organisations to work collaboratively towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in particular poverty alleviation. YCI is an initiative that we are really proud to be involved with. A real Wake up initiative that is helping us all to “Wake up to a better world”!

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Photo1: Youth Career Initiative Cancun

  • posted by Julia | 06 April 2011, 17:55,

    This initiative should be replicated by other companies.


  • posted by bank account offshore | 27 April 2011, 6:15,

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