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Green NH

By admin | 10:23

NH is committed to sustainability, and one of our main aims in our quest to become more Eco friendly and reduce our environmental footprint is to reduce our Co2 emissions, water consumption, energy consumption and waste generation, all by 20% by 2012. What are we doing now? The NH Sustainable Club The aim of the […]

Your pic for NH Hotels promotions!

By admin | 12:53

The birth and evolution of social media has greatly changed how we communicate. Each day, more and more companies are enjoying an active presence on larger social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… This channel of communication can achieve a positive result when messages are spread in a viral manner; therefore reaching many people and making […]

Crazy Chairs

By admin | 11:21

Keeping to the theme of weird and wonderful furniture, it only seems appropriate to continue onto crazy chairs! Some of these definitely would not be comfortable and the designers really have gone to town with these, but sometimes it’s just about style! Who wants a simple armchair when you can have one of these…? The […]

Crazy Toilets

By admin | 16:57

Ok so you’ve seen the crazy beds AND the crazy baths, so now it’s time for the crazy toilets! And there are definitely some weird ones out there! From eco friendly to just pure glamorous, there’s a toilet out there to suit everyone. Have a look at what the world has to offer… The Super […]

Volunteering Holidays – NH Hotels

By admin | 14:22

Wondering where to get next on your holiday? Not sure whether to go on beach break or sightseeing? Well stop right there because we have the answer! Volunteering holidays are the perfect way to mix getting to know the culture of a place, meeting the local people and giving something back to the community you’re […]

Make the right choice this summer and go on holiday with NH Hotels!

By admin | 12:51

Customer Service Gone Mad!

By admin | 17:00

We all know that NH loves to make you feel special during your stay; to deliver the highest standard customer service, spoil you and cater for your every need. So I’m sure you already know that at NH you can have breakfast in bed or even select the type of pillow you prefer! But we […]


By admin | 17:40

It’s been a long wait but 2010’s World Cup has finally kicked off to an interesting start. 2010’s month of football madness is bound to be one of the most exhilarating events to date; hosted for the first time in Africa it’s sure to be a remarkable experience. If you’re lucky enough to be in […]

Let NH take you to Tuscany

By admin | 18:10

Always fancied visiting Florence but never got round to it? Well now is the time to go; with so much going on in 2010 it’s the ideal time to discover the Tuscan capital. This year Florence is hosting a whole range of events throughout 2010. So no matter when you go there will be something […]

Freaky Food from Around the Globe!

By admin | 18:32

For me part of the fun of travelling abroad has to be sampling the cuisine on offer. Taking a walk around a local market or having a snack at a backstreet café you are sure to discover some unusual tasty treats! So when you’re next on holiday be adventurous and try everything; you are bound […]