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Because You’re Worth It

By nh hoteles | 16:31

Mirror mirror on the wall… We asked our local gelotologist about how important it was to start and end your day with a smile. Their response… well… it made us smile! A smile makes you beautiful. It’s scientifically proven that a smile will attract others and make you more physically attractive to them. Below, we’ve […]

Fame Hotel

By nh hoteles | 9:32

For this blog I am very happy to say that we bring news from Tinsletown. But hang on, I’m not talking about Hollywood, but the more distinguished Dutch Television Network SBS 6! For almost a year now a few NH Hotels have been the setting of one of the most watched reality television programs in […]

NH Welcomes Aliens

By nh hoteles | 18:29

If any of you have flown to Amsterdam before, I bet the plane ride was a bit dull. Easyjet aren’t known for their exceptional in-flight entertainment packages! I mean I know people like to read, but those emergency cards aren’t that entertaining. They should say “In case of emergency adopt the brace position once you’ve […]