Inspira-cation, the next big thing in traveling!

By Sergio González | 11:13

Traveling has been part of who we are since the moment we left Africa to see this vast, wonderful world, and some hotels have been there serving travellers for centuries, usually along pilgrimage ways. However, it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution began in the UK and the new middle classed enjoyed some leisure time -half […]

What’s hot this month? Exclusive nhow events!

By Sergio González | 10:37

“What to see” and “things to see” in our destination are amongst the top searches in every engine, but so are “things to do”. We are not just human beings but human doings and we want, we need, to grasp every chance our trips bring us. However, time is golden these days and many things […]

Dance the day away along nhow Berlin

By Sergio González | 10:17

Music is the first art we “discover” as kids and one we can enjoy fully, with all our senses. Whether you’re up for some quiet listening or feeling like dancing the day away, here are the top 3 live concerts at nhow Berlin! nhow Berlin stands out for its blunt architecture and bold design, but […]

nhow experiences that will make you feel alive!

By Sergio González | 10:21

nhow doesn’t catch up with avant-garde. It is the cutting-edge that helps define a new attitude in life. No more waiting and living second-hand. nhow hotels aren’t here to follow trends. People who work and stay with us are real trend-setters because they are passionate and believe in what they do. And truth be told, […]

Elevate your stay!

By Sergio González | 10:14

One of the risks you take when traveling is finding yourself at your destination and being just a tourist. You visit every place you are supposed to, take pictures of the food Instagram told you to get and purchased couple of souvenirs, because you know, everyone loves a gift. However, you go back home feeling […]

Offbeat, lively and dynamic. That’s nhow!

By Sergio González | 11:52

March was traditionally the first month of the year for many ancient peoples; the time when winter couldn’t deny any longer that spring was coming and now, it’s also the moment we have chosen to share with you the greatest news ever: the distinctive and cool nhow family welcomes a new member, nhow Rotterdam. And […]

The best sea & sun winter getaways

By Sergio González | 11:35

From Chicago’s frozen lighthouses to snow-covered pyramids in Egypt, 2014 winter will be remembered as one of the coldest ever. Not feeling like going through another bad-scarf day or choking on more hot cocoa? By now snowflakes look all the same to you? It’s time you pack your swimwear and order your  favourite cocktail because […]

Baiersbronn, a little German village with 7 michelin stars

By Sergio González | 17:39

There is nothing wrong with your blog setting. Don’t try to adjust the headline. Baiersbronn is actually a little German village and home to 7 Michelin stars. Only 16,000 people live in Baiersbronn yet they have as many 3 Michelin stars Restaurants as London or California. Welcome to foodies’ heaven! German chefs weren’t that famous a few years […]

Where will you go in 2014?

By Sergio González | 10:24

Have you ever been to Paris, New York, London and Dubai? Even to Tokyo and Rio de Janerio? Then you are an awesome traveller and yours is a wanderlust level to be jealous about. If you haven’t, we hope you are reading this post on your tablet or smartphone while killing some time before the […]

The best spots to see the northern and southern lights!

By Sergio González | 12:43

The 2009 film Avatar has been one of the greatest blockbusters of all times. We can openly say that the plot was nothing out of this world and neither was the message. However, more than 75 million people in the USA felt Pandora’s call. Was it  the blasting off of 3D, the amazing colors or […]