Cannes International Film Festival

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Like every year, from the 14th till the 25 of May, the city of Cannes will become the mecca for actors, directors and producers of the best upcoming films. We have gathered all the essential information about the world´s most prestigious international film festival for you.

Roman Theatres: alive as ever!

By Sergio González | 11:04

Roman history started seven centuries before Jesus Christ was born and lasted four more after his passing away, so more than a millenia of Roman culture spread over Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East definitevely shaping the world and the way we understand it. As any other empire in history, good and evil was done -depending […]

Mediaeval Summer Festivals in Tuscany

By Sergio González | 10:42

Harps, pipes and viols pervade the air with promises of joy and discovery while playful fragancies of wine, cheese and roasting tender meat come up sewing an appealing atmosphere over the crowded narrow streets. Beautiful and lissom Miladies dressed only by the finest silks, furs and gems walk  modestly by the side of proud strong […]