Europe´s best Summer road trips

By Carlota Nelson | 11:15

Brian Eno was quoted saying that “it´s not the destination that matters, it´s the change of scene”. In other words, the journey is what matters and there´s no better way to experience it than on a road trip, a category of travel in its own right. Provence, Swiss Alps, the Great Alpine Road, the Apennine […]

We´ll make you feel special

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Always striving to pamper their guests and make their stay more enjoyable, the NH Hotel Group has created new exclusive services and unique amenities such as preferential check-ins, VIP treatments, antiOX breakfasts, iPod stations, exclusive mixing studios, and a pillow menu. Now available at selected NH hotels and soon to be offered by their very […]

Best hikes around the world

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

The idea of walking through the countryside solely for pleasure began in the 18th-century. The say this activity arose because of a changing attitude towards the landscape and nature linked with the Romantic Movement that began in Europe at that time. The romantics had a strong belief and interest in the importance of nature and […]

Jumping over the urban flow

By Sergio González | 10:15

  A rush of adrenaline reminds us we are alive. A moment of genuine contact with the wildest side of ourselves. These are the basic strengths behind extreme sports, but also the fact that they are loads of fun is the secret that lays beyond the untamed surface.   Australia and New Zealand go along […]

Organic urban farming: success cases around the world and tips to grow your own edible garden

By Sergio González | 11:05

Organic grown vegetables and livestock beating conventional farming in points such as nutrients density or taste are absolutely out of the question; lots of studies regarding this matter have been conducted to prove so and will continue as passion for organic healthy food is declining  as a trend and is becoming a true way of living, […]

Healthy, Green and Stylish Trend…. Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic is one the the latest trends in Europe and it could be described as a “sustainable mobility with style.” This urban cycling movement is specially popular in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Valencia and others where people use bicycles very often. In many cities, not only European but also Chinese and Japanese, the bicycle is the best option for commuting and many riders choose to wear their normal clothes rather than use sporty style clothes or special shoes.

Menudos Corazones: helping the youngest and their families

Menudos Corazones offers free lodging programmes, as well as psychological and emotional help programmes for affected families, information material about congenital heart disease and entertainment programmes in hospitals and out of the hospital such us summer camps.

Among the integral support programmes for children and teenagers with congenital heart defects and their families, Menudos Corazones includes the following project: free housing in Madrid for the families from other parts of Spain whose children with congenital heart diseases need to be treated in Madrid’s hospitals. And here is where we take action. What can we do to help them in their praiseworthy project? Easy! We could do what we do best: hosting people! And this is the way a collaborating that already lasts 6 years started.

Your body is a temple…

…So don’t mistreat it while away Ice creams, cocktails, local specialties…worried about all the excess that comes with a great holiday? Do not fret! If you follow our top tips, you can have a great time and stay in shape too! Well, you know we like to spoil you at breakfast time here at NH, […]

Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

We at NH Hotels know about sleep. In fact, it’s one of our favourite topics. Because of that, we understand that many of our guests struggle to sleep well when they’re away from home. Here are 10 Top Tips for getting a good night’s sleep wherever you are: 1. Don’t consume any caffeine after midday […]

Because You’re Worth It

By nh hoteles | 16:31

Mirror mirror on the wall… We asked our local gelotologist about how important it was to start and end your day with a smile. Their response… well… it made us smile! A smile makes you beautiful. It’s scientifically proven that a smile will attract others and make you more physically attractive to them. Below, we’ve […]