NH Ribera del Manzanares achieves Excellence with the BREEAM Certificate

By NH | 12:32

Charging stations for electric cars, sustainable materials, LED lighting, electric bicycle rentals…These are just a few of the reasons why our NH Ribera del Manzanares hotel has received the “outstanding” rating for building management with the BREEAM certification (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), becoming the first hotel in operation to receive such a high […]

The XV Global Summit of WTTC concluded in Madrid highlighting the importance of Innovation

By NH | 10:49

The travel and tourism industry is undergoing a time of rapid evolution, with many opportunities and innovations that need to be taken advantage of. This was the main conclusion of the XV global summit of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the most important event in the world for the tourism sector. The event […]

The WTTC 15th Global Summit Arrives in Madrid

By NH | 13:32

  On the 15th and 16th of April, Madrid will host the 15th Global Summit of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), in which important business and public relations leaders from the tourism and travel sector will participate. The event takes place annually with the objective of examining the sector at a global level […]

The room of the future: how will it be?

By NH | 13:39

It´s not easy to image the room of a hotel 20 years from now. There are several research and commercial project that try to approach on how a room of a hotel looks like in 2034. In many of them, IT companies imagine a hyperconnected room where the guest can see the screen of the […]

Millennial Travellers are changing the way to do business

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

When it comes down to today´s travel, Business Millennials, in a recent survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group, said these were their 3 main concerns: delayed flights, limited airline seat availability and earning loyalty points or rewards. Other concerns include ancillary fees such as Internet and early check-in/late checkout at hotels as well as ease […]

The Rise of Volun-Tourism

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Fifty-five per cent of Millennial Travellers said that their companies’ volunteer policies influenced their decision to accept the job and that given the chance, they’re more interested in working for companies who value corporate volunteer programs, charitable projects and support employees who donate their free time to a cause than those who don’t.  These facts […]

Wi-Fi and On-board Entertainment

By Carlota Nelson | 10:11

When we think of in-flight entertainment we tend to believe it’s relatively new.  But it began back in the 1930s; an era in which some aircrafts offered lounges, bars, a dining room and some, believe it or not, even had a piano bar. Yes, we know that entertainment on planes today has more to do […]

Gadgets and Technology for Millennial Travellers

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Millennial travellers crave convenience and use their smartphones to book, plan, travel and share their experience. Recent data shows that nearly a third of this travel segment use their smartphones for travel-related purposes and spend more than 50% longer browsing the Internet with these devices. That´s why they love their apps. Forget about traditional maps […]

Travel with style thanks to these apps

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Can a smartphone help you pack your suitcase? Yes, they can and they, like all great travel apps, can actually do a lot more than that.  Need to know how to ask for the restroom in Japanese, cut travel time, discover the latest gastro eateries or know what local bus to take?  These apps will […]

Essentials for your Spring Suitcase

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

You are a world traveller. You get around with style and as an experienced globetrotter, you no longer wait in line to check in huge over packed suitcases, full of unnecessary items, nor do you load down your hand bag or backpack with books, maps and print outs of reservations and flight itineraries. You simply […]