Essentials for your Spring Suitcase

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

You are a world traveller. You get around with style and as an experienced globetrotter, you no longer wait in line to check in huge over packed suitcases, full of unnecessary items, nor do you load down your hand bag or backpack with books, maps and print outs of reservations and flight itineraries. You simply […]

Rioja wineries, up-to-date tradition

By Sergio González | 10:15

  Arguing about wine usually arises hot debates on which one is better, what region ferments the finest or which techniques are the most suitable for proper aging. Truth be told, such thing as the best wine does not exist -the book of likings is an empty page. Moreover, history brings us some facts that […]

We have listened to you: We are offering free WiFi in all our rooms

By Courtney Imel | 17:10

“Free WiFi is now one of the main services requested by our customers and increasingly affects their booking decisions. Although NH Hotels has been offering this service free of charge in its lobby for some time, we have wanted to extend it to our rooms for a single purpose: to satisfy our guests’ needs and […]

Smart destinations

By Sergio González | 11:32

Current world changes every single minute of our lives, carried on by new ideas and breakthroughs that -please, allow me to be optimistic despite the financial crisis- improve the old ways to create a brighter future. Respect towards our environment and a better use of resources are covering every corner of our life and soon […]

Travel communities around the world

By Sergio González | 10:30

We want, we need to express ourselves and we yearn to share whatever we’ve generated inside. It’s always been there. Through time and history only artist’s works have survived as feelings of inner expression but nowadays, thanks to social networking, it’s open to everybody. Luckily, tourism is not a foreigner to these lands. You’ve always […]

Destination: The Moon

By Sergio González | 10:15

Since transportation and communications revolution blasted off past 20th century, it seems our planet is getting narrower as we speak. Fifty years ago only the rich would cross oceans to find themselves tanning in heavenly beaches or buying designer clothes in a fashion capital; nowadays this has changed deeply. Travelling thousands of miles to reach […]

Organic urban farming: success cases around the world and tips to grow your own edible garden

By Sergio González | 11:05

Organic grown vegetables and livestock beating conventional farming in points such as nutrients density or taste are absolutely out of the question; lots of studies regarding this matter have been conducted to prove so and will continue as passion for organic healthy food is declining  as a trend and is becoming a true way of living, […]

nhow Berlin, stay for music and design

nhow Berlin is the only hotel in Europe that has two professional studios for music, recording and mixing. They are managed by staff from the famous Hansa Studios – where, amongst others, U2, REM and David Bowie recorded. You love music and design? Then this is your hotel!

Isang Litrong Liwanag Project – lighting homes with water

Isang litrong Liwanag (“a quart of light”) is a project which has been developed by students from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in collaboration with the Philippine Myshelter Foundation. It seeks to capture the power of the sun in a homemade ultra-low cost bulb in order to bring light to the dark and dreary shacks that fill the world’s disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Lighting the night by kicking the ball!

As soon as some original, simple and inspiring “thing” arrives at our office, we feel the urgent need to directly share it with you. Today, we would like to feature “Sockket“, an initiative that could provide light to those in need by having fun with a ball. As his smart slogan states: playing now, we […]