The European Week for Waste Reduction

  The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is a 3 year project supported by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Commission until 2011. This year, the Week is taking place from the 19th to the 27th November 2011. According to the organizers of the EWWR the previous edition met a huge success! Thanks to […]

Mendocino Glass Beach: when men and nature collide

Crystal Beach is located in the Mendocino Coast in California, USA and consists of millions of small pieces of eroded glass. From 1950 to 1967 a company started to use the beach as a dumping ground, so tons of trash, including glass, porcelain and all sorts of waste ended up on the Pacific coast.

A “recycled” temple: Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew

In Thailand, glass bottles believe in reincarnation and some who became an extraordinary Buddhist temple. We have recently heard about this amazing construction and we are still speechless. This Buddhist temple is located in the city of Khun Han, about 400 miles northeast of Bangkok and near the Cambodian border. It is best known in their language as Wat Lan Kuada which means, roughly, the temple made of millions of bottles.

Lighting the night by kicking the ball!

As soon as some original, simple and inspiring “thing” arrives at our office, we feel the urgent need to directly share it with you. Today, we would like to feature “Sockket“, an initiative that could provide light to those in need by having fun with a ball. As his smart slogan states: playing now, we […]

This summer, a fully eco-trip experience!

We are all in a summer mood, simply thinking of being somewhere else but the office. Some lucky ones will be enjoying some time off and the luckiest, are about to lift up their luggage in a few days. Some of the world´s favorite places will soon be crowded with travelers, backpackers and any kind of tourist. It is know that the impact on the local environment is, much more inconvenient in the summer period. So, with our minds dreaming aways, we would like to share with you some tips on how to plan a fully eco-trip experience. We cannot wait! Let´s pack up.

Healthy, Green and Stylish Trend…. Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic is one the the latest trends in Europe and it could be described as a “sustainable mobility with style.” This urban cycling movement is specially popular in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Valencia and others where people use bicycles very often. In many cities, not only European but also Chinese and Japanese, the bicycle is the best option for commuting and many riders choose to wear their normal clothes rather than use sporty style clothes or special shoes.

NH Hoteles awarded the Carbon Footprint Certificate

Coinciding with World Environment Day that was celebrated last Sunday June the 5th, we have been awarded the certificate as an acknowledgement of the control, calculation and objectives aimed at improving our Carbon Footprint. The certificate ensures that the calculation is a proper reflection of our emissions, including consistently all the sources of emissions.

We are very proud of this award since it means that NH Hoteles is now one of the first hotel chains to be given this certificate internationally and for our hotels. The Carbon Footprint certificate is the outcome of the Company’s commitment towards the environment, and getting this recognition for every single one of our hotels gives us great satisfaction.

Doing our bit for the environment with Cork2Cork

We have just taken yet another step forward in our environmentally-friendly strategy and our gradual implementation of the very latest environmental solutions, by launching the project “CORK2CORK”. Working with Amorim, the world leader in cork coverings and production, we plan to collect and reuse the corks from the bottles opened at the company, accounting for around two million corks a year.

Are 72 hours enough to transform your city?

Given the name of “Guerrilla” Architecture by The Times magazine, this innovative project has been extensively echoed in the main online and offline media all around the world.

The main goal of 72 Hour Urban Action is to generate a public debate regarding urban activities, in order to promote quality of life within cities. The first guerrilla urban action was celebrated in Tel Aviv as part of the Bat Yam Landscape Urbanism Biennale.

Green neighbourhoods: The Grand Large District

The Grand Large District in Dunkirk is a a sustainable model of urban development which central goal is to assimilate the city back into the seaside docks, creating a variety of buildings and public spaces. The development was designed by Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés (A/NM/A) headed by Nicholas Michelin and attempts to refocus attention to the town’s docks.