#WakeUpPics contest II

wakeuppics NH Hoteles contest

It is quite likely that many of you have already heard about our #WakeUpPics contest. But, people have enjoyed it so much that we have no choice but to share the story of the contest with all of you on our blog, just in case you didn’t know about it!

The #Wakeuppics contest was born from the Wake Up spirit of NH Hoteles. At this point you might be thinking: “right, and what is this Wake Up spirit we’re talking about?” Easy! Our #WakeUpAttitude is optimism, being eager to approach new projects, starting new things… and ultimately having a positive attitude towards life!

Within this context, we decided to launch the first (and local) edition of the wakeuppics contest a few months ago. As its name implies, wake-up-PICS is a photography contest with the criteria that submitted images must have been taken with Instagram and shared on Twitter labeled with the hashtag #WakeUpPics.

We wanted to encourage all “igers” (instagram users, for those not familiar with the Social Media network) to catch a true Wake Up moment, a moment when something is beginning, an “instant zero”, a positive attitude… and over 600 photos were shared with us in just two weeks.

High quality standards and creativity were constants throughout the competition and it was very difficult for the panel of judges to decide upon a winner. But they finally did and we organized a temporary exhibition of 30 images at the NH Palacio de Tepa in Madrid, where those masterpieces were shared with everyone!

This “express exhibition”, which only lasted a couple of hours in line with the social media principles of dynamism and fleetingness, was the perfect occasion to introduce the second and international edition of the contest: Wakeuppics II. We noticed that, even when the contest had finished, Instagram and Twitter users were still sharing their WakeUp moments, so why not organize a worldwide contest?

This time, the best images will jump from mobile phone sharing to an offline exhibition in Berlin. But you can also enjoy submitted images via this online gallery

WakeUpPics contest II is now coming to an end… tomorrow will be the last opportunity for you to take part on the contest. But remember that you can still hunt for and capture the most moving and poetic snapshots you find. There will be loads of igers out there waiting for you to do so!

Once again, we want to thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm when you decided to share your special moments and we invite you to carry on doing so by using the hashtag #wakeuppics. The show must go on!

Photo credit: Sevillacreativa


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