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The birth and evolution of social media has greatly changed how we communicate.
Each day, more and more companies are enjoying an active presence on larger social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...

This channel of communication can achieve a positive result when messages are spread in a viral manner; therefore reaching many people and making that message a success. There is one change that differentiates the communication between social media and traditional websites: the users’ behavior. Users are active participants in the creation of content: opinions, evaluations, comments, photos, videos, etc.

NH Hotels’ Italian BU is active on the biggest international social networks and Flickr has proven to be one of the most interesting.



What is Flickr?

For those who don’t know, Flickr is a social network on which members share one particular hobby: photography. It is the most important place on the web where people can share their pictures; it currently has over 40 million members and continues to grow by the day.

NH Hotels in Italy has created its own profile on Flickr, where users can find all the information about the hotel chain as well as see a photo album of products and attractions to help increase brand awareness.



An interesting and involving part of the project is the creation of the group Your pic for NH Hotels promotion! Users are invited to become members of the group and then post their pictures of whatever theme NH wants to highlight.

The theme of the first topic was Rome and its architectural and historical beauty. The chosen picture has been linked to the NH cities of art promotion.

Trevi fountain

Trevi fountain

This is a great way to enrich and diversify the group’s online content. Despite being our first Flickr project, it was quite successful with over 300 pictures posted by members.

The newest initiative focuses on Barcolana, a world-famous boat race that takes place each year in Trieste at the beginning of October.

Photo credits

  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…
  • Flickr
    • posted by angel | 07 October 2010, 0:16,

      that picture at the end is imprecionante! me encanta

    • posted by Emily | 12 October 2010, 13:14,

      I’m really bad at taking photos; I always chop people’s heads off, any tips NH?

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      this is the way a blog should be! thanks!

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      hi!This was a really impressive subject!
      I come from roma, I was luck to come cross your topic in google
      Also I learn much in your theme really thanks very much i will come later

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      Some really interesting and well written information here!

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