10 Pictures You Need to Capture on Your Vacation

By NH | 17:30

You know that when you come back from your vacation, there will be a million pictures to show friends and family of your amazing travels. It’s a great way to remember all the great memories made. But did you take pictures of the right things? If you’re unsure, NH Hotel Group knows exactly what you need to capture so that wonderful escape stays in your memory forever!


The best way to start your day! Breakfast is always a touch tastier when on vacation: whether it’s enjoyed in your room with the morning light pouring in through the open window, the delicious pancakes and fruits from our famed buffet breakfast, or the design on your latte, breakfasts on vacation are always worth the snap! How about this continental selection form the breakfast at NH Brugge?


Room Views

Waking up to a different view is always exciting when on holiday! Seeing the beautiful landmarks and a new skyline from your NH hotel room, like those from NH Carlton Amsterdam, are dreamlike, no matter what the time of year is. So don’t let that memory fade and raise your camera.



Pool Pic

A pool pic is a signature vacation moment, a key indicator that you’re on holiday. Show off your new swimsuit or your new tan from NH terrace pool like @awsukiesukienow at NH Cartagena Urban Royal. You might even get amazing city views as your backdrop!




They say the best way to get to know a culture is through their food. Look no further than NH restaurants for authentic cuisine that may be one of the most memorable parts of your trip! Show everyone all the delicious meals you ate and to inspire your own menus when you’re back at home!



Streets and Beyond Pic

One of the best parts of exploring a new city is winding through all the beautiful streets. Get an amazing view of the beautiful city streets from your NH hotel room or our terrace! Look how beautiful Naples look from our NH Napoli Ambassador rooms! It’s impossible not to take pictures.




Are you beach bound this year? Then get the perfect pic of the light hitting the turquoise waters to remind yourself of the refreshing breeze and the sun tanning your skin, just like here at NH Imperial Playa in the Canary Islands!



Rooftop Views

Scale up to our terrace to enjoy the panoramic views of the city, like this guest did at NH Torino Santo Stefano! Though some cities are perhaps more striking than others from above, for sure you’ll be surprised by the amount of beauty to be seen when looking out across an urban playground. It’s always a good idea to try and capture as much as you can in one shot to look back on and remember where you went and what you saw!



Best Friends

Your furry best friends are guaranteed to give your vacation photo gold, and that’s why we have a selection of pet-friendly hotels to choose from! If you bring your pets, be sure to take pics of them because it’s their holiday too! This tired pup was snapped by his best friend at NH Laguna Palace! Capture them at their cutest when they’re sleeping on the bed or even when they’re perched at the window, inspecting the outside world.  




Make sunset hunting part of your itinerary. No two sunsets are the same, which is why we love chasing down the perfect evening sky. Even the most unprepared of travellers can get that colourful evening moment by heading up to the terrace or out to the garden of the hotel, where the sunset is absolutely exceptional. What do you think of the beautiful pink reflections of the French sunset at NH Nice? We love it!




Lastly, be sure to take a picture of yourself! A classic selfie in front of stunning views or with your travel buddies is a great way to remember how happy you were on your trip! Who knows, it might just convince you to return…



Taking pics when travelling can seem like a lot, especially when you feel like you’re being a typical tourist. Just remember the pictures will be infinitely more valuable when you are no longer there, and with NH Hotel Group you’ll be able to check everything off this list. So grab your camera, and explore!