20 Reasons To Visit Amsterdam This Summer

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During the summer, the most popular vacations spots are usually those near a beautiful beach bathed by turquoise waters. Places like Cape Verde, Mexico, or Spain have long been among the most popular choices for a summer retreat, but if you’re looking for different type of vacation this year and are wondering on where to go, we have one idea: the artsy and great city of Amsterdam.

Here are 20 reasons of why you should visit Netherland’s capital this summer:

1. Begijnhof Chapel

Far away from traffic and pollution, you’ll find the beautiful Begijnhof Chapel. Hidden in the famous courtyard that goes by the same name, this century old treasure faces a magnificent garden and can be visited from 8 am to 5 pm. The perfect spot to rest a bit before continuing your sightseeing tour.

2. Hortus Botanicus

Another great place to get away from the hustle and bustle, and a Must-Do in your Amsterdam list, is the small but beautiful Botanical Garden, located nearby the Artis Zoo and Amsterdam’s Jewish Historical Museum. The Hortus heritage goes back over 350 years when it was founded as a place for education and research concerning the world of plants, in order to battle the Black Death.

3. The Cat Cabinet

Meow. Do you like cats? Join the club! This will be an interesting visit for any cat lover, a museum where you can admire different works of art and the main protagonist is, of course, the cat. You’ll even see a few of them wandering around! One of our favorite things of this museum is its relaxed atmosphere and the fact that it is perfect for a family visit.

4. Heineken Experience

Probably one of the most famous attractions in Amsterdam, the Heineken Experience is the perfect activity to enjoy by yourself or with friends alike. Interesting and informative, the tour will take you through Heineken’s old brewery, it includes a beer tasting session and numerous interactive games. Ready to taste Heineken beer like you never did before?

5. Amsterdam Canal Cruise

One of the most memorable ways to discover beautiful Amsterdam is by exploring the city and enjoying the unique views on a boat cruise. It is especially beautiful during the evening! You can book an hour and half candlelit cruise through Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed canals that will allow you to enjoy the city while is still light, at dusk and then at night. Some of the main sights you’ll pass by include Amsterdam’s Dancing Houses, the Red Light District, and Anne Frank House.

6. Amsterdam Bike Tour

And once you’re already in Amsterdam, you can’t leave without doing as locals do, and pedal through the city’s most beautiful streets. Joining a guided bike tour is an interesting option, but so it is to create a personalized route through Amsterdam’s highlights. If you’ve got two hours, you have plenty of time to take the best views of the old town!

7. Vondelpark Open Air Theatre

Every summer, the largest park in Amsterdam, Vondelpark, hosts concerts, performances and movie screenings every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a beautiful scenery as a backdrop. The summerlong event is called Amsterdam Vondelpark Festival and performances start between 12.00pm and 14.00h until 16.00h or 17.00h.

8. Eating Amsterdam Tours

As one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Amsterdam offers a great food experience. How does a 4-hour tour, hopping from one restaurant to other, sound? Not only will you enjoy fish, sweets, coffee, beer and probably the best apple pie there is, you’ll also get do something out of the tourist beaten path. Just note that the most recommended tours are the Jordaan Food and Canals Tour, Jordaan Food Tour and the Twilight De Pijp Food Tour.

9. Amsterdam Gay Pride

This summer, from July 28th to August 6th, a huge celebration will take place in Amsterdam. Know what we are talking about? Yes, it is the Amsterdam Gay Pride 2017, a celebration of lesbian, gay and LGBT rights. More than a thousand boats join the colorful and music-filled party, with people from all over the world. Out tip: Go early if you want a good seat along the canals, otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the boat parade!

10. Electric Ladyland

Amsterdam is proud of hosting the only museum in the world dedicated to the wonders of fluorescent art. Great to go with kids as well! Marvel the large collections of phosphoric minerals from different parts of the planet. For only 5€, enjoy a fun, informative and relaxed tour!

Photo: Nick Paladino

11. Micropia

We already know that one reason to visit Amsterdam this summer is its museums, like the one mentioned earlier in the article. Other well-known, and definitely worth the visit exhibitions, are the famous Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Anne Frank House. But why not try something a little bit riskier? Our proposal is a visit to Micropia, the world’s first museums to collect the horrible and wonderful microbes living on and around us.

12. The Hash

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without learning about the history and future of cannabis. And for that, The Hash museum is just the perfect place to go. The visit is very insightful on the plant and its multiple uses, recreational or medical, or even to make clothes! The ticket allows you the entrance to both parts of the museum.

13. Tassen Museum of Bags and Purses

Another museum in our list. This is the largest collection of handbags in the world, with more than 5.000 items and counting. The oldest one dates back to the 16th century and was used to carry mostly Bibles, alms, etc.. The origins of bags and purses, and their evolution is well explained throughout the exhibit, this place is a hidden gem! An unexpected delight settled in a beautiful Herengracht canal house, close to Rembrandtplein.

14. Ets Haim Library

Don’t miss the chance to explore the world’s oldest Jewish Library, founded in the 17th century when Sephardic Jews were establishing its community in Amsterdam. Ets Haim, meaning “Tree of Life”, holds nearly 30.000 printed works dating back to 1484, beautiful chandeliers, and a unique ambiance. No wonder it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list!

15. Pijp

Our favorite hipster neighborhood in Amsterdam, located in its southeastern part, is filled with underground bars, restaurants, cute cafés and cool shops to spend hours at. Some would say this area is the city’s heartbeat. Its diversity makes Pijp one of the best places to buy snacking treats that take you to Morocco, Thailand, Pakistan, China or Spain, it’s special vibe won’t leave you indifferent.

16. Ctaste

We’ve mentioned this restaurant in a previous article but we think it’s worth to insist on it since it offers such a unique dining experience. If you’re bored of traditional restaurants (and we’re not talking about the food), it’s time to try a dinner in the dark… An extraordinary journey of senses!

17. Corpus

Ever imagined a journey through the whole of the human body? Well, it is possible in Amsterdam. Science geeks will love this amazing exhibition, but so will the rest of us! At the museum, you are provided with audio guides in different languages that lead you on an exploring tour of the human body from the inside. You’ll never forget about it!

18. Flirting Workshops

Holidays are always a good moment to enhance existing skills, or learn new ones! Therefore, why note use your vacation to learn the very noble art of flirting? You can choose between different settings: casual, business… Everything is organized and ready for you to discover the fun world or courting.

19. Keukenhof Flower Tour

Amsterdam’s countryside is known for its beauty, with colorful flowers and picturesque windmills everywhere you look. And what makes this activity so special? The fact that you can do the tour on a sidecar motorcycle. That’s an experience of a lifetime!

20. Participate in a Friday Night Skate

A great night out doesn’t necessarily involve going out to the trendiest club. So, what’s an alternative? Every Friday evening, a mass of wheeled Amsterdammers (visitors are welcome) skate their way through the city, leaving from Vondelpark. Got your wheels ready?

As you can see, there is plenty to do in Amsterdam and you should be ashamed if you leave the city without trying at least one of these experiences. So tell us, which one would you choose?


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