3 Family-Friendly City Destinations

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Family beach resorts, paradise islands and small quaint villages where kids can roam free might sound quite appealing when planning a family vacation.  But this depends on how old your children are, what interests and activities you share with them and what you want to get out of this year´s family vacation.  If you´re looking for places with lots to do, destinations that inspire other ways of living and where everyone can have their share of discovery, fun and entertainment, why not try an urban destination? We´ve gathered the information and have come up with a list of some of the best family-friendly cities in Europe  for you!


We know how hip, laid back and fabulous Berlin is for adults but the German capital has also been ranked as the best European city for kids.  There´s so much to do, you´ll have to sit down together and make a list. And don´t forget to rent bikes to get around from one place to the next. That in itself will make it a family vacation to remember.

Start your vacation in Postdamer Platz, home of the indoor Legoland Park with adventure rides and structures made entirely out of Lego pieces. Here, children are urged to show off their creative side and build their very own.

The AquaDom and Sea Life Centre will make your kids´ jaws drop when they discover over 3.000 creatures from the deep blue. If your children are a bit older, a good idea is to take them to the skateboard parks or city beaches where they´ll be able to play ping-pong and board games on hammocks.

Berlin´s best playground for families is Kollwitz Platz. Gigantic toys, plenty of green space to play freely and a local farmers’ market where you can buy your picnic.


Amsterdam is fun just because you get to ride your bike everywhere. And there is plenty to do and see for the entire family. One of the city´s favourites amongst children is the Nemo Science Museum where kids of all ages will enjoy the chemistry lab; play at solving mysteries with DNA technology and play amongst the giant soap bubbles.

Hop on a canal cruise; visit the world´s narrowest building or Klimpark Fun Forest, where the entire family can experience the thrill of climbing tress. If it gets too hot, Amsterdam has many great indoor and outdoor pools where to spend the day. A few of our favourites are: Sloterparkbad, located near a scenic lake and Flevoparkbad in Amsterdam Oost.

How about an afternoon of old-fashioned puppet shows at the Kook Kneus Theatre or a course at Amsterdam´s circus for children? The Circus Elleboog is a circus school that offers many activities and performances.

If you still have time and energy to be spent, visit any of the dozen petting zoos in the city or head out to Kinderkookkafé, where your kids will become chefs in a day and make their very own pancakes


Brussels is the last city on our list. We chose it because it´s easy to get around, laid back and seems especially designed to cater to children of all ages.  Once you arrive, make sure you pick up a copy of the Kids Gazette or the Brussels guide for kids.  Head out to the Chocolate Museum or the Belgium Comic Strip Centre. Brussels even has a Toy Museum and a fabulous Aquarium. This city is another place where picnics can turn into real adventures. There are so many parks, gardens and playgrounds; you wont have time to visit them all.

If there is one thing on your list of things to do in Brussels, make the Children´s Museum a must.  It organizes exhibits where children play, participate and learn different games that let their imaginations run wild. 

Stockholm, Lisbon, Valencia, Rome, Barcelona… There are so many other great family destinations to discover. Where will you go on your vacation this Summer? Write us and share your favourite kid-friendly cities, we’d love to hear from you!


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