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Amsterdam is a bustling, sprawling and vibrant city with a whole host of fantastic things to do wherever you’re staying in the Netherlands capital.

If you’re heading to Amsterdam for the first time, here are NH Hotels’ top tips for things to do in Amsterdam, to appeal to visitors from all walks of life.

Typical houses

Things to do in Old Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Old Center is the city’s most popular area among tourists, as well as Amsterdam’s cultural heart. This area is home to a plethora of truly fascinating and unique museums – so even if you didn’t think browsing museums was your thing, you might find something to appeal in Amsterdam’s Houseboat museum, while kids can enjoy that rare mix of education and entertainment inside the green hull of Amsterdam’s Science Centre NEMO.

Science Museum NEMO


Visitors can also find some of Amsterdam’s oldest pubs in the Old Center, and if you stay with us at the historic Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, you’ll find yourself in very close proximity to some of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions – including Anne Frank’s house, the Van Gogh Museum and de Wallen, aka the Red Light District.

Soak up the ambiance in one of Amsterdam’s many bars

Things to do in Outer Amsterdam

Like any city, Amsterdam has expanded over time and many of its best loved attractions can be found in the outer districts, where it’s easy enough to get around on foot, bicycle or public transport.

South Amsterdam is home to the famous Museum Quarter, which houses some of the world’s finest museums including the Rijksmuseum of art and history, and the newly opened Diamond Museum where visitors can learn about the history of Amsterdam’s diamond trade.

Exhibit at the Diamond Museum


But a holiday in Amsterdam isn’t all about staying indoors – when you’re in South Amsterdam you can enjoy the large Vondelpark, which is always thronging with revellers in the summer months and is a great place to meet Amsterdam locals or sip beers in the sun.



Stay at the nearby Amsterdam Centre hotel to get the most out of your visit to Amsterdam this year, soaking up the cultural vibes of the Netherlands capital.

  • posted by Lea | 16 March 2010, 13:55,

    Thanks for the great ideas NH, now I don´t have to buy a guide book! I’m going to Amsterdam during the Easter holidays. Hopefully the weather will be good so I can ‘sip a beer’ in Vondelpark as instructed….. sounds perfect!

  • posted by Mark | 16 March 2010, 18:27,

    I’ve never seen so many bikes!

    It’s nice to see that there’s more to Amsterdam than the stereotype suggests. Thanks NH!

    Now to save enough money for a trip! 😀

  • posted by Bernadette | 17 March 2010, 12:31,

    I came across you blog whilst searching on your NH Homepage,and i’m so glad i did as i am actually going on holiday to Amsterdam in a weeks time! You’ve given me some great ideas of where to go and what to do so thank you NH. Bernie.

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    Hay cool Blog we were all thinking of going to Amsterdam some time like on a big trip when we get some spare cash which is quite difficult to find when you are living in Paris! but im going to bookmark this just in case we go then i dont have to think and i have a ready made guide lol whoo hoo go NH

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    Do you know if the bikes are free to ride or not? Are there bike rental stations around and about??

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    Ohhh I want to go to Amsterdam!! I’m hoping to go next year, thanks for your advice. I’ll look up your hotels 😉

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